Cannot uninstall Openoffice 1.1

  lilliebet 23:40 23 Nov 2003

I installed Openoffice from the free CD with issue 7 of Tips & Tricks but decided it wasn't for me. Now I can't get rid of it because Word and Excel docs will only open in Openoffice. Even if I create new documents without using Openoffice, they still look for it once I try to reopen. Any suggestions?

  Pesala 05:57 24 Nov 2003

In Windows Explorer, right-click on any *.doc file and select Open With, Choose Program, then choose Word, and check "Always use this program to open these files." You may have to do the same for Excel and *xls files etc.

When installing Open Office, you would have had the option to chose whether to use it as the default application for *.doc files. You should have said "no" to this, to avoid this problem.

  lilliebet 21:19 24 Nov 2003

Thanks for your suggestion but when I right click these docs I don't get the option 'open with'. I seem to have more-or-less sorted the problem through Folders Options in Explorer. At least these apps are usable now. Thanks for the help!

  Dipso 21:36 24 Nov 2003

You don't say which OS you are using but try "shift" and right clicking and see if that gives you the option open with.

  lilliebet 00:12 25 Nov 2003

I'm on MS98 and, yes, I know Noah used it too! Did what you said, 'open with' option came up, couldn't find MSWord so tried again and - guess what - shift and right click gave a completely different set of options. Think I'm just a jinx, should maybe go back to pen and paper. Sorry to waste everyone's time!

  lilliebet 00:16 25 Nov 2003

Saints be praised, I've done it. Thank you both for your sound advice. I promise I won't mess about with things again.

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