cannot uninstall norton internet security

  rsturbo 09:15 09 Mar 2007

have tried to use norton remoal tool but keeps saying winfax is installed and i need to remove this manually 1st but it isn't and never has been. even checked in registry for any mention of winfax - there is none.

any help would be very appreciated

  rsturbo 20:35 11 Mar 2007

anybody got any ideas??

  birdface 21:51 11 Mar 2007

Can only think that if you have Norton running it wont delete it.You have to turn Norton Anti-Virus and Firewall off at the quick start first.You can also try deleting it from Add Remove then run the removal tool.

  birdface 21:59 11 Mar 2007

Sometime when you try and uninstall it and it does not work,Reinstall it again and try again.Maybe you can find something here to help you get rid of here

  [email protected] 23:31 11 Mar 2007

turn everything off first

  rsturbo 22:53 13 Mar 2007

still when i try to uninstall with uninstall tool from norton it says winfax is installed and i need to remve it using add remove programs - its NOT on my computer and never has been!!

  woodchip 22:56 13 Mar 2007

Have you tried any in Safe Mode

  Diversion 01:12 14 Mar 2007

In the add or remove programs there is a small box at the top called show updates, put a tick in there as winfax may be an update.

  rsturbo 15:22 16 Mar 2007

tells me to start in normal mode, checked for updates - nothing. have also done a system and registry search for winfax - nothing!!

  ktruffles 15:39 16 Mar 2007

You have to go to the norton/symantec website and download the norton antivirus removal tool. Very cheeky of them. I have to say my computer is much, much faster now i have gotten rid of Norton!

Tried to find a link but it wont copy properly-type this into the address bar

click here

  ktruffles 15:48 16 Mar 2007

Sorry, I meant to say-the first 3 times i tried to remove norton didn't work but the link i sent you did and seemed to be different from the other one which was also telling me to remove something i'd never heard of and couldn't find on the computer.this one worked for me

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