Cannot Startup PC

  Bertie B 21:39 08 Mar 2009

I'm in deep doodoo!!!!!

I have stuffed up my PC runnig Vista by trying to install & run an incompatible Roxio Program using the Windows Vista Compatibility Untility. All installed ok and it told me to re-boot. Oh boy - after that it won't start up. Have tried to get into Windows Safe Mode by pressing F8 as the Bios Screen comes on but all I get is an over-panel asking me to select the boot drive. I've tried putting the Windows Vista DVD in the DVD-Rom Drive but it won't start up - it looks at the DVD-Rom drive and then passes quickly on looking in other drives for the Boot Record. I seem to remember that whem I installed Vista it would not run from my built in DVD-Rom - I had to put it in an external usb DVD Drive and then it ran. Problem is that you need Windows running to use the usb drive

I'm well stuffed - it keeps going back to the intial screen where all the system info is - starts looking for the Boot Record - occasionally Windows starts to initially put the scrolling vertical bars across the bottom of scrnn then crashes with a flashed blue screen and goes back to the "Press F2 for Bios or F8 for Boot Device" screen.

Any suggestions gratefully received, please!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:52 08 Mar 2009

1. Put windows DVD into the drive
2. shut down
3. Restart holding the F11 key down while it starts

This should give you the Vista repair options.

  Bertie B 21:59 08 Mar 2009

Well thanks for that suggestion - appreciate the help but even that won't work!!

  lotvic 22:19 08 Mar 2009

could you try Safe Mode - tap F8 when booting
if that works then you could maybe uninstall the Roxio Program in safe mode.

(I haven't got Vista so am not sure)

  lotvic 22:20 08 Mar 2009

Oops - sorry you've already tried that :(

  Quiller. 22:27 08 Mar 2009

"but all I get is an over-panel asking me to select the boot drive."

That suggests that it might not be seeing the hard drive. Check in the bios that it is showing.

"Problem is that you need Windows running to use the usb drive"

No you don't on most machines. You select it from the bios. Then select either other device or from usb from the boot options. then use the external dvd. It looks as if your internal drive is US.

  Bertie B 00:00 09 Mar 2009

I tend to agree that my internal DVD Rom is knackered(Technical Term!!) and the reason my External USB was not being offered as a boot disk is because it was connected to a USB2 PCI Card and the drivers are probably only loaded with Windows. This PC is a 5 year old one and acts as a backup to my Laptop and also as a connection on the network to all USB Scanners/Printers/Drives etc. shared by everyone.
I have now connected the ext USB drive to an integral USB 1 port and it is now seen as a boot drive - very slow but I have got a Windows Vista DVD Disk to boot up and it is now running the Windows Repair Routine. I have fingers and toes crossed!!!! We are just re-booting after a repair session - something is happening!!

Thanks everyone for the help.

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