cannot Start PC within 40 mins of a Shutdown

  Dave Greenwood 20:05 12 Jan 2017

If I try to start the PC within 40 mins of it being shut down, it fails to boot. the board and fans power up but no screen signal or power to ext peripherals (keyboard, mouse). If left longer than 40 mins the PC boots normally. Also, it 'Restarts' normally from the Start>Shutdown menu, but if you select 'sleep' the PC goes to sleep but crashes (as described above) when you attempt to wake it. Any ideas of the culprit

  chub_tor 12:58 13 Jan 2017

I would check the CMOS battery as a first step. Is this a desktop or a lapttop machine and what OS do you have?

  Burn-it 14:22 13 Jan 2017


  Jollyjohn 15:18 13 Jan 2017

Possibly heat related - if desktop PC - check fan inside psu is running.

  chub_tor 15:35 13 Jan 2017

I thought about it being heat related but discarded it as the OP says that if you use Restart instead of Shut Down it fires up normally so I wondered about either the Power Supply itself or the CMOS battery. Thinking that if you shut down it loses all the BIOS settings. But even so 40 minutes seems an awfully long wait.

  Jollyjohn 16:32 13 Jan 2017

Try this shutdown PC and try the restart - if issue exists - shutdown PC and remove the power lead, then press and hold the power on button for 10 seconds - reconnect power lead and try starting PC.

If PC starts OK then I suggest power supply issue - faulty circuit not allowing / enabling a capacitor to drain properly, hence the 40 min wait whilst it does so.

If it doesn't start, I still suspect a PSU issue. Beg, steal or borrow another PSU and see if that cures issue.

  Dave Greenwood 22:17 13 Jan 2017

Thanks for all the replies folks. All the fans are clean and running fine. There is no obvious heat issue (been monitored with HWMonitor). CMOS battery is new. The OS is Win 7 home premium. It is a desktop. 30 to 40 mins is how long it has to be left before it will start properly after being turned on and then shutdown. Trying to borrow a PSU to try. Will try the advice from jollyjohn regarding disconnecting the psu and holding down the power button.

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