cannot sign into msn or hotmail!

  goalmachine 16:40 02 Sep 2003

Dear all,

for some reason i have been unable to access my hotmail or messenger accounts - apparantly i am:

'behind a firewall that does not allow direct connection to the internet. We tried to sign you in through a HTTP proxy, but yur internet HTTP proxy settings are either missing or incorrect. To adjust your IP settings, click the IP tool menu, select internet options, click the connections tab and then select LAN settings'

Well it was fine last night! Ive tried fiddling about with the LAN settings, but no joy yet. Im on AOL if that makes any difference, and quite frankly im at a bit of a loss as to what i should do next. Never had this problem before, and havent changed and settings recently so any advice would be very warmly received!


  Kaacee 20:52 02 Sep 2003

For what it's worth,I am experiencing exactly the same problem,I am on AOL too,was working fine last night so can only assume it's a problem with MSN.

Tried to access the help page for MSN and that also has a problem.

Will try later to see if "Bill" has fixed it.


  Madronwell 22:41 02 Sep 2003

I can't get into MSN either; think it must be MSN rather than AOL.

I will try again another day.

  rsturbo 01:16 03 Sep 2003

can this be the answer click here

let me know your results if i find any more will post

  rsturbo 01:17 03 Sep 2003

i'm on aol 8 as well and it only happened since i upgraded from 6

  montoya 06:32 03 Sep 2003

haven't been able to access hotmail,, update etc for over 12 hours now, problem seems to be with AOL users like myself?

  Joannie51 08:51 03 Sep 2003

I have same problem and uninstalled my msn messenger yesterday thinking it was my prob and now I cant install it again or get into hotmail.

  -pops- 09:06 03 Sep 2003

OK at my end (not on AOL).

  Joannie51 09:29 03 Sep 2003

there is a message on Aol HELP saying that they are working with microsoft to resolve the problem asap

  rsturbo 10:40 04 Sep 2003

when i phoned their members help line

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