Cannot sign into any secure website

  met 19:44 06 Apr 2005

Big problem. I cannot get into any secure website such as Ebay. So many people talk about it, but not for me. I have no problems getting into the initial stages i.e. getting a password and registering, but I cannot go any further. A computer engineer has tried but connot solve the matter (yet?). He disabled and then removed the firewall - and all cookies, yet we still have a brick wall there. I have wireless broad band.

Itried using two other computers in the family and the problem appears to have affect them all. Mystery! Can anyone help?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:02 06 Apr 2005

Tools-Internet options-Privicy settings medium

Put your firewall back on for security

  met 20:30 06 Apr 2005

Dear Fruit Bat,

Thanks for your suggestion. I found it was already on medium, so I lowered it further by a notch. For a moment I thought it would work. It took me to the next page, but thereafter it stopped again. I clicked on buy, but I got "This page cannot be displayed. Thank you very much for trying though. Met.

  GaT7 21:57 06 Apr 2005

Have you tried scanning with UPDATED antispyware programs like Ad-aware, Spybot, a-squared, Microsoft Antispyware (if using Win2000/XP), etc? Please say if you need links. Do you have all the Windows/IE security updates?

If still no luck after scanning & cleaning the scum with the above, you could post a HijackThis (HJT) log at click here or click here for analysis. To d'load HJT click here. We have a HJT expert on this forum, Nellie2, but I'm not sure if she's around to help. Also, certain restrictions on this forum don't make it conducive to post HJT logs, so may be best to post to one of the above sites.

If the antispyware programs help, pass on the information to the other PC owners in the family as their systems may be infected too. Good luck & keep us posted on your progress. G

  met 15:48 07 Apr 2005

Dear Crossbow 7,
The engineer checked out the possibility of virus invasion and spy attempts. he also cleared out all the cookies, but still no success, I'm sorry to say.

  PhiltheFragger 16:02 07 Apr 2005

If using Internet explorer
Click "Help", "About Internet Explorer"

Make sure the cypher strength is at 128 , if its anything less, post back


  Alan H E 16:03 07 Apr 2005

Did this suddenly happen or have you never been able to get access?

  rawprawn 16:05 07 Apr 2005

Silly question, do you have cookies enabled in internet options?

  PhiltheFragger 16:06 07 Apr 2005

Are all the computers connecting through the same gateway Ie Router, if so, this could be the common denominator

Check the router settings

  met 17:31 07 Apr 2005

To PhiltheFragger: Yes, I have just checked - the cypher strength is exactly 128. I presume this is adequate?

To Alan H E: It is the first time I have attempted to get into the Ebay secure site, so I do not know if the problem I am experiencing was always without my knowing it. Also, my son has tried to get on a secure ipod site and, like me has failed. What I cannot understand, though, is that I can get onto Amazon's secure website.

  met 17:45 07 Apr 2005

To Rawprawn: My privacy settings are set to medium, which allows third party cookies (whatever this means). I lowered the setting to low to see what happens. No improvement.

To PhilthFragger:Interesting point! Yes, all the computers are connected to the same router - the new Belkin one with the two antennae. I must say, that this router has given the best reception we have ever had. The previous one was very unpredictable. Still, what you say seems to make a lot of logical sense. I shall tell the engineer and let you know the result. Thanks to everyone who has chipped in with advice.

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