Cannot shut computer down from start menu anymore

  Symon1969 13:02 23 Jan 2003
  Symon1969 13:02 23 Jan 2003

After installing McAfee Firewall(which works) I cannot shut my computer down anymore, it just freezes on the cloud background and a mouse cursor which is frozen too. I have tried closing all programs down before the shut down but alas the same. Anybody got any ideas? Thanks for any help in advance.

  Gongoozler 13:17 23 Jan 2003

Paul, what version of Windows do you have on your computer?

  Symon1969 13:21 23 Jan 2003

I have windows 98

  Gongoozler 15:37 23 Jan 2003

Hi Paul. Windows 98 and 98se are notorious for shutdown problems. McAfee Firewall is a known cause of Windows 98 shutdown problems. click here. Unfortunately I don't think any firewall can be guaranteed not to cause problems. ZoneAlarm conflicts with some installations. Sygate is another free firewall and I think it is less troublesome than most.

There is a shutdown problem guide at http: //;EN-US;202633 (I have put a space after http: to avoid the link being corrupted), but I think McAfee is the cause of your problem.

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