Cannot set FSB above 100 on Athlon 2000

  Jamesy 21:33 22 Aug 2003

I understand the default FSB for an Athlon 2000 is 133 but last time I tried to set it to that my system wouldn't boot at all and I had to reset the jumpers.

My cooling is adequate. I have an Asus A7V 333 board. And Samsung PC2100 DDR memory. Any ideas why I can't set above 100?

  LastChip 21:51 22 Aug 2003

Are you aware, the Athlon 2000+ actually runs at 1667MHz?

This means you need to set your FSB at 133 and the multiplier at 12.5. Is this what you did? You can't set one, without the other!

Certainly Asus states, your motherboard supports a 2000+ chip.

  Bodi 22:47 22 Aug 2003

but can't you set it at "Jumper Free" mode and allow the BIOS to control FSB. I think as LastChip states, you could set the multiplier at 12.5 and FSB @ 133. You could set this in the BIOS in "User" mode - er I think.


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