Cannot Send or Receive Hotmail through Outlook

  Snakey 21:09 09 Mar 2005

I have been successfully using Outlook 2003 to send/receive my Hotmail Email. Suddenly I now get an error when performing both tasks (0x007045a). I have recentky installed Fsecure 2005 security suite but uninstalled it too see if it was related. No Joy. My PC is running Windows 2000 with all updates.

Any ideas?

  Snakey 21:57 09 Mar 2005

This has suddenly stoped working last week. I have had no notice from Hotmail

  sat481 22:09 09 Mar 2005

The one that is not free is the Hotmail plus.. (Which is 2GB). The free one with 250MB still remains free.. I still use this one with outlook with no problems.

Sorry snakey I have no idea whats causing your problems, all I can suggest is trying to set up the account again, or maybe make a new account and see if that one works.

  Snakey 22:21 09 Mar 2005

click here

Comments please

  john-232317 22:34 09 Mar 2005

It says new users, yours should still be OK, mine is as of 1 min ago.

  octal 22:36 09 Mar 2005

Try this: click here

  Snakey 22:37 09 Mar 2005

To prevent abuse of the feature, Microsoft will stop making it available to new users of free Hotmail and MSN mail accounts starting Monday. Current users can continue to use the feature but will be asked to become Hotmail subscribers over the coming months. By April next year, the feature will no longer be available for free, Richardson said.

  sat481 22:41 09 Mar 2005

Welll snakey after reading this I do appologize. Thats a bit of a bugger, I guess I'll have to start giving people my proper email address if I actually want to see what they send me,,,

Heavens above


  Snakey 22:54 09 Mar 2005

Well thanks anyway for your interest, maybe OCTAL has the answer.

Thanks all.

  beeuuem 23:07 09 Mar 2005

If you really want ot download Hotmail and it is not youe settings try click here

  beeuuem 23:08 09 Mar 2005

Memo to self - read posting before sending!

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