Cannot send or receive e mail

  artomatilda 22:49 27 Apr 2006

Please help a techniphobe lady who is drowning not waving !!!
Have internet connection tru Tesco net since trying to send an e mail to France thru Wanadoo, who I believe blocks with Tesco, I have been unable to send or receive e mail at all. I use outlook express. I have spent £40 on tesco help line, but haven't had a reply since their acknowledgement of my help request on 31st Jan.
I get message host TN not found smtp port 25 secure ssl no socket error 1101 error no Ox800CCCDD. Thank you. Ev

  johnnyrocker 22:54 27 Apr 2006

you may have an o missing in yclick here error code.

has the e mail account worked before? what were you doing when it stopped if so?
if a new e mail account what are your incoming/outgoing server details?


  billyliv 00:26 28 Apr 2006

Hi, Thoroughly check all your setting details, as in Tools, accounts, highlight your account and click on properties. Look for anything that may have changed eg. a dot missing, a space may have appeared in your name etc. Cheers, Bill

  lotvic 01:15 28 Apr 2006

the following taken from Tesco's help pages:

What are the Server Settings?

Homepage: click here

Incoming mail server (pop):
Outgoing mail server (smtp):

News Server

Your webspace address: click here
FTP server

For Broadband backup and BT Pay As You Go - 0845 4551000


Search Domain

How do I check if my email is working?

To check if your email is working correctly. Create a new email message then enter your own email address in the To: Field

When you click Send, the email will be sent to the server, testing your outgoing email function. Then, when you click Send/Receive or Get Mail, the email should be downloaded back to your computer and appear in your inbox. Providing this works, your account is functioning correctly.

If you encounter any problems with this process you will need to check your email settings (select your email application click here for PC or click here for Mac ), and you may need to use the telnet instructions click here to check for a Mail Block click here

  artomatilda 08:52 28 Apr 2006

I am using outlook express 6
When I go into Account it reads as follows -

Dial - up:
I used to have no problems with e mail I can only send and receive now because this is thru PC advisor. Sorry to be so computer ignorant.

  artomatilda 10:54 28 Apr 2006

I am a neighbour who is trying to help the lady with this problem.

On trying to send an e-mail out, I noted in the failure mesage, that it read -
The host "" could not be found ...

Is this correct; and if not, how is it corrected?



  remind 11:02 28 Apr 2006

Change the account settings as lotvic described - it needs to read ``, not ""

  remind 11:03 28 Apr 2006

Load Outlook Express, select Tools/Accounts, select the account, click Properties, click the Servers tab

  artomatilda 14:54 28 Apr 2006




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