Cannot See Some Files on Pen drive

  Switcher 21:19 26 May 2008

I have an 8GB Pen Drive formatted to Fat32. Chkdsk says that it is ok. However have copied about 1.4 GB 0f JPG files to it and can only see about 300 MB of them. All the folders have copied over OK but most are empty. However Check on properties of pen drive confirms 1.4 GB used and running AVG I can see all the files being scanned including the ones I cannot see in explorer. PC is XP Ntfs.

  brundle 21:27 26 May 2008

Are you looking at folder size or file size? The size of the clusters for your pen drive will most likely be much larger than for the NTFS drive, depending on how programs interpret the figures there may be a large disparity between `occupied space` and `used space`. If anyone mentions a 4gb limit for FAT32 that's related to single file size....

  Switcher 21:52 26 May 2008

Have tried again:-

1, Format pen drive fat32 default allocation unit size 4096KB

2. Copy over 10 folders containing total of 505 MB

3. Can see all folders and files.

4. Remove then replace Pen drive

5. Can still see all folders but some are now empty.

6. Pen properties still claims 505 MB used

Running AVG still sees the files which I cannot see.

  brundle 21:58 26 May 2008

"default allocation unit size 4096KB" shouldn't that be 4096 bytes?

Checked the `hidden` properties of the problem files?
Have you got `show hidden files` ticked in Control Panel/Folder Options? Can you see them if you issue the `dir` command from a command prompt?

  brundle 21:58 26 May 2008

dir /ah specifically, to see hidden files

  Switcher 22:17 26 May 2008

Oops should of course be 4096 bytes,

Only two hidden files both Thumb.db.

Tried Chkdsk again after copyig files then remove/repkce Pen drive. Says unrecoverable error for each of the folders which now appears empty.

Tried to convert pen drive to ntfs but said unable to set up elementary file system. Not even sure if Pen drives can operate on ntfs

  brundle 22:27 26 May 2008

They can but it's not recommended, wears the drive out faster if left at default settings. Is the drive brand new? Have you ever filled it to maximum capacity? Tried using smaller partitions?

  Switcher 22:43 26 May 2008

Yhis Pen drive is from Ebay. I am beginning to think that some how I might have been flogged a smaller capacity Pen drive rigged up in some way to appear as if larger.

I did not realize that a pen drive could be partiyione I will try that.

  Switcher 22:45 26 May 2008

Disk Manager will not allow me to delete the 8GB partition

  brundle 22:50 26 May 2008

Does seem all too similar to this thread on another forum - click here

  brundle 22:51 26 May 2008

This for partitioning; click here

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