cannot see or open photos from certain folk

  firebirdb 07:08 26 Jul 2013

cannot see or open photos from certain folk,who have sent them as, attachments with hotmail, an icon appears, and that is all

  lotvic 11:52 26 Jul 2013

Are you using Webmail through a browser if so which browser?

or are you collecting on your pc with an email client program?

Please tell us all the programs involved and describe the icon and where it is.

It could possibly be the 'certain folk' who are not sending them properly - if they have not attached the file properly they may only be sending you a link to the file on their pc, that will cause an icon to be displayed as you have described.

  firebirdb 14:10 26 Jul 2013

i am sending and receiving through Google Chrome

  lotvic 22:58 26 Jul 2013

As it only happens with attachments from 'certain folk' I presume from others you have no problem with their attachments?

If that is the case then it must be the way 'certain folk' are sending them (as per my last post)

Or is it a particular type of attachment - like always .jpg or .exe or .pdf ? if so then it might be your antivirus or security settings that is blocking them.

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