Cannot see Maxtor 250GB Firewire W98 pc --> XP pc

  AndyFo 10:53 03 Mar 2005

I am new to this forum and desperate to find a solution to my problem. My colleague told me of this service and here I am.

I had a Windows98 PC with an external Maxtor 250GB firewire connected to it. I took the main HD out (the one with the w98) and installed new one and installed a newly purchased copy of XP. At this point I've connected my Maxtor without installing the driver thinking that XP would recognise it, but nothing happened. I installed the driver but nothing… it can be seen in the disk management as disk 1 and that's all; the next step would be a format, which I refuse to do it.

I reinstalled my old drive (w98) back into the case, win98 started as normal, I connected the Maxtor and to my big surprise this drive is not being recognised anymore; even when the PC configuration is exactly what it used to be. I only can see the Maxtor through fdisk but not anymore as a 250GB FAT32, apparently now is a 40GB FAT !?!?!!.

Please help me. I have far too much data on this drive including pictures going back 4 years and documents. This drive is a back up of my previous PCs. I cannot afford to lose this data.



  Granger 12:34 03 Mar 2005

The data's probably there, just need to connect OK. I had trouble with my Maxtor OneTouch when I connected it without the Maxtor drivers installed, even on WinXP. Suggest you install Maxtor drivers properly before connecting. If that doesn't work take the drive to another WinXP comp, but install the drivers first!

  Storik 13:56 03 Mar 2005

I don't know much about firewire connections. However, have you checked in both the BIOS and Windows Device Manager to see whether this is enabled?

Might be worth a try. Someone is sure to come up with other suggestions too - although Granger's advice seems pretty sound.


  AndyFo 17:24 03 Mar 2005

I'm sure the data it's still there, I won't give up, I'm not going to format it, never!
I've now installed the right driver without any positive results.
I think the drive has been altered by XP in some way. This explains why it's not working anymore on the same pc with the same old configuration.
Please help me.

  Storik 19:09 03 Mar 2005

I don't know whether this will help or not. On your original Windows 98 h.d. did you back up your system at some time or other?

You know when you type "msconfig" and click on "create backup"? Is it at all possible to get back a bit, to the point when you originally installed your external h.d.?

I honestly don't know whether this suggestion will work, but it at least bumps you back up again. I'm sure someone can come up with a better idea.

Incidently, if you do get your precious files back again, wouldn't it be an idea to save them on CD?


  Granger 15:21 04 Mar 2005

Like you, I found that I still had trouble even after installing the drivers properly. I think your instinct is right - even a complete reinstall of my computer didn't fix the problem - connecting the disc without its own drivers causes faults on the disc. I ran scandisk on the disc which found some errors and fixed them, now all's OK. If not, go to a PC that hasn't had the drive connected at all, and install the drivers first. Then at least you know you've got access to the data.

  Granger 15:25 04 Mar 2005

Just re-read my post and its not clear!

I think you're right. By connecting the disc without installing the proper drivers first, you caused data errors on the disc. I went into Computer Management and scheduled Scandisk to run on the external Maxtor. It found lots of errors, fixed them, and now everything seems fine.

  AndyFo 16:49 05 Mar 2005

Hi Granger
Thanks for your help.
I can't find any Scandisk in Computer Management in XP. Correct me if I'm wrong but apparently Scandisk is only available up to w98. I tried it in w98 and doesn't work. It says that the drive is being used by another utility like a disk utility... it won't even try and scan it!
It seems that I'm stuck here with a disk full of data and no able to access it. Does anyone now any utility on the web that may do the trick? I need something specific, I found so much stuff that by the time I tried the all I guess my disk would be unusable.
Many Thanks to everybody.

  Phphred 19:43 05 Mar 2005

Tom Jerry put this link on "Consumer Watch". It looks interesting but I haven't tried it!!!
click here

  AndyFo 13:43 15 Mar 2005

Thanks To everybody. I solved the problem.
I downloaded a file recover utility, saved everything on another HD, formatted the Maxtor in NTSF and copied everything back again.
The most time consuming part of it is sorting out the recovered files/directory. Every single directory (almost) end up in a new folder with a consecutive root number. But at the end I've got my files back!

  Storik 14:18 15 Mar 2005

Well that's a relief for you. Well done! You could also back-up your most precious files to CD too! What do you think?


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