Cannot see desktop.

  gengiscant 14:56 19 Jul 2010

Friend has just dropped a PC in which he believes is infected,my problem is that I cannot get to the desktop.
I get a POST but do not see the desktop, I have ruled out a graphics card problem as I have tried an alternative HDD with xp on and although it does not boot all the way due to driver issues obviously but I can see the windows logo and the moving blue bars.
I need to get in to run a scan or scans.
Suggestions wanted.

  johndrew 15:03 19 Jul 2010

Download and use the AVG Rescue CD click here. You can boot from it and do a full scan.

Sorry I answered this where you posted in error also.

  gengiscant 15:07 19 Jul 2010

Thanks I had spotted it there anyway and am downloading now.

  Pineman100 15:31 19 Jul 2010

Have you tried booting into Safe Mode?

After you press the power button to switch the computer on, start tapping the F8 key. At the Advanced Boot Options screen select Safe Mode and see whether it will boot. If so, then run System Restore and roll back to a date/time before the problem started.

Assuming you can then boot normally, run a full AV and malware scan.

  onthelimit 15:32 19 Jul 2010

That looks a really useful tool.

  gengiscant 16:42 19 Jul 2010

On an Asus board tapping F8 brings up the boot order menue. I have no Idea what key brings up the menue you speak of.

  woodchip 17:43 19 Jul 2010

look in the boot order list for safe mode, it may be at the top

  gengiscant 17:49 19 Jul 2010

All I have is the choice between Harddrive/CD ROM or third and forth boot. Its an Asus thing.

  woodchip 17:53 19 Jul 2010

Try tapping F5

  gengiscant 09:46 20 Jul 2010

Thats the key,thanks. Didn't help though,so have reinstalled XP and finally managed to activate it.

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