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Cannot save word documents now

  davecartman 08:27 18 Apr 2019

I have on my laptop (W7) Microsoft Word Starter 2010.I very rarely use this except for the odd letter I need to write and am not very familiar with its features.Of late if I create a document it will not save, I get a box which says 'Word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error ) ( C:\User\Dave\Documents\m1.dox ) Can anyone tell me what to do ? Apologies if this is ridiculously simple but so am I.

  Taff™ 10:38 18 Apr 2019

Check the file type - it should be asaving as a Word Document ending in .docx

Alternativel try file>Save As

  davecartman 16:43 18 Apr 2019

Hi Taff. The default is Word Document, I Have tried a few of the 'save as' options all with the same result.

  difarn 17:25 18 Apr 2019

Have you tried 'save as' then changing the name of the file? Sometimes an antivirus can cause this permissions error - have you tried disabling it and then trying to save? To see if it is a problem with a corrupted user profile are you able to save a document in another account - guest for example.

  wee eddie 19:43 18 Apr 2019

I'm using Word 2010 now. These are the options available

Click Save As > There are 2 entry points > The top one (File Name) has the name of the File in it, followed by the allocated Extension > the lower one (Save as type) has a downward arrow on the right hand end > Click on that and it will open a list of options > For me, the top Option is Word Document (*.docx) > Select that one and the line above will change to yourfilename.docx

  davecartman 08:09 19 Apr 2019

wee eddie and keith, when I click save as, the box appears, first the very top line, the destination I assume is libraries>documents>this line has no alternatives.Of the others the file name has the name ( unless changed the first word of the document + the figure 1)and the second ( save as type ) has Word Document in it as you both say the drop down gives alternatives but nowhere in either box does (*.docx) show and the file name does not change to have .docx after it. Is this causing the problem ? Keith, I cannot find 'office diagnosis tool' I am probably looking in the wrong place, when I click on word starter the program simply opens.

  davecartman 08:32 19 Apr 2019

UpdateI have just gone back to an idea from difarn. I have turned of the 'Avast shields' for 10 min's and the documents save! why do the antivirus shields cause this

  difarn 18:40 20 Apr 2019

Somewhere along the line it is possible that you received a message from Avast asking you if you wanted Avast to prevent something. Are you able to go into the Avast user interface, click on Ransomeware Shield, click blocked/allowed apps, Click block an app or allow an app, select an application and click open and if word appears in the list click allow.

  davecartman 08:11 21 Apr 2019

Hi difarn. The ransomware page shows a list of protected folders, I cannot see any mention of blocking/allowing apps. The protected folders are Documents Pictures and Desktop, If I turn off these shields then I can save from Word. Does this mean that Avast thinks that 'Word' is not safe, I have no problems saving images to Pictures or pdfs etc. to Desktop. I cannot figure how to tell Avast that Word is safe but I can live with turning off the shields for a short time to save documents.

  davecartman 08:26 21 Apr 2019

Difarn.I spoke too soon. I have now found the allow/block apps page and followed your advice so 'Word' is now allowed and all is well. Many thanks for your advice.

  difarn 21:42 22 Apr 2019

You're welcome. Glad it's sorted.

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