Cannot save in Word 2003

  pc_novice 23:01 24 Jan 2009


I'm hoping that someone could please help!
When I try to open a Word document in Word, I get the following message in a box: "Enter a pass-phrase to decrypt..........encrypted by" where the file I am trying to open.
But the starnge thing is that when I go into Windows and open the file, it then opens.

So once opened,when I try to save the Word document, I get the following message in a Credential Manager pop up box: "You do not have necessary permissions to use this functionality. Please contact your system administrator."

I have been using Word on my laptop before and not had this problem. All of a sudden, this problem starts. I've currently got McCafee Internet Suite and not sure if this has downloaded anything in the updates and tried to be clever - don't know.

Has anyone else been faced with this problem? I have tried to google but cannot find a solution. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks.

  Sea Urchin 00:20 25 Jan 2009

I guess you are using an HP laptop? You should be able to either disable or uninstall HP Credential Manager - go to Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel and look for it there. Or try Start/Run/type msconfig and OK/ Startup tab and untick it in the list/Apply and OK.

Or maybe disable it in Control Panel like this

click here

  pc_novice 00:32 25 Jan 2009


Thanks for your reply. Yes it's a HP laptop. I followed your instructions and there were a list of several options. Exactly which option do I untick? Will this impact anything else ie loging onto my Windows XP? As I still want the ability to log on.

The begging question is why has this occured so suddenly?

  Sea Urchin 00:43 25 Jan 2009

HP Credential Manager is an additional level of of security to encrypt your files, so that you can then only open them with pass phrases. It seems that you have accidentally activated it - it comes built in to the HP software.

You should be careful which HP option you disable - as many of the references probably refer to your general HP system - there should be something saying Credential Manager.

Maybe try searching for it under Start/Search which might give you a clue as to where it is.

  Sea Urchin 00:47 25 Jan 2009

Just another thought - it could be listed under HP Protect Tools or something along those lines

  pc_novice 00:53 25 Jan 2009


I've followed your instructions and gone in the startup tab.

The list that has a check against it are:

I looked at the description but cannot find any clues to which one I must untick?

I also tried to follow the other link in your original post but cannot find a box to untick?

  pc_novice 00:59 25 Jan 2009


I've tried to follow your instructions going by typing msconfig and it does bring up a list of check boxes. But there is nothing there that says untick to turn it off.

I've gone HP Protect Tools and found the Credential Mnager but again nithing there to untick it off, even if I log into it. It has several option but which one do I untick?

  Sea Urchin 01:23 25 Jan 2009

When you go to msconfig you click on the Startup tab - to the left of each item listed is a checkbox which will either have a tick or not. If you can find the appropriate item and it is ticked then click to remove the tick - apply and OK. Otherwise you will need to find something in HP Protect Tools to disable Credential Manager. I don't have an HP PC so cannot see the program, but hopefully somebody who does use it will know the answer for you.

  pc_novice 12:13 25 Jan 2009


Thanks for your help anyway. I'll keep searching to find out about the options. Hope somebody else has come across this problem to shed light.

Don't seem to understand how this can happen as I don't beleive that an option somewhere might have been ticked by accident.


  pc_novice 20:26 26 Jan 2009


After lots of searching through google, I found someone posting a similar problem on a HP Laptop. What they did is upgrade the Credential Mnager to version 1.00J.

Has anyone actually done this? Will it affect anything else such as the main login for Windows when starting up your laptop?


  lotvic 20:50 26 Jan 2009

Have a look in Control panel > HP ProtectTools Security Manager > Credential Manager for any options there.

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