Cannot save a web page

  BillySilly 09:49 21 Nov 2007

My OS is XP Pro. When I try to save a web page from IE6 using SaveAs I get the error "The web page could not be saved to the selected location". It doesn't matter which folder I choose.
This error occurs for saving as "Web page, complete" and for "Web page, single file" but not for "Web page, HTML only".
What do I have to change to fix it?

  Killo Bite 10:00 21 Nov 2007

people who design the webpage. Their is nothing really that you can do apart from screen shot or Print the screen.

Tell us what the website is and just to confirm we will try it for you.

  FreeCell 10:05 21 Nov 2007

Web search provides
click here

Style sheets sounds like the problem you have encountered.

  BillySilly 10:37 21 Nov 2007

Hi Kilo Bite
pages from ebay is a typical case. I tried this page and it saved so perhaps pcadvisor doesn't use style sheets on a different server!
If I print the page I loose the right hand side: is there anything for XP that will print just a selected part of the page and fit it on a page?

Hi Free Cell
I had seen that but had thought that the single file option was still available.

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