Cannot save web images

  goalmachine 13:40 07 Mar 2003

Hi everyone

For some reason I cannot save images from the web. When i save an image which claims to be a jpeg, it cannot be viewed in windows viewer - instead it just says 'no preview available'.

I have never had this problem before, and am at a bit of a loss as to how to resolve this problem. Any suggestions?


  Pesala 13:48 07 Mar 2003

Right-click, copy image, paste into Irfan View click here then save as whatever file type you wish. Maybe the web image is a GIF or PNG graphic.

Post the website address for others to check if there are problems with those images.

  goalmachine 15:28 07 Mar 2003

thanks, but Irfan view didnt make any difference. Problem seems to be that i cannot save images in any form other than as Art.


  Patr100 15:36 07 Mar 2003

Are you using AOL?

  goalmachine 15:37 07 Mar 2003

How did you guess!

  Patr100 15:42 07 Mar 2003

I don't use AOL but I believe this has something to do with their cutiomised version of the IE Browser that they use. Art is a picture format used by AOL. There is probably a setting to stop this but I am not familiar with AOL or else try launching the original Windows IE version on your PC which you should be able to run at the same time.You don't have to use the AOL version.

  Patr100 15:44 07 Mar 2003

Found this :

The solution is to go into the Preferences... item of the Members menu in the AOL software, scroll down and click on the Web button on the left side, and then uncheck "Use Compressed Images".

  goalmachine 15:57 07 Mar 2003

Problem resolved! Thanks.

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