Cannot run setups...

  ptrafc 17:19 18 Dec 2005

I just downloaded Spybot and Adaware for a friend, but when I click on the setup icons, the installation process will not start. Is there any way that setup can be disabled? Or does this sound more serious? I also noticed that the Panda antivirus program they have will not start.
Thanx for any advice.

  recap 17:22 18 Dec 2005

If you are installing it on an XP machine you need to be in the Adminstration account.

  ptrafc 17:37 18 Dec 2005

There's only 1 user account on the PC as far as I can see.
I've also niticed that when I go into the Task Manager in the Processes tab, nothing shows until I click the 'Show processes from all users' box, then I see about 20 processes with a username I don't know ('kev' in this case, although the PC is registered to 'kev' in the System Properties). But what's more baffling is the 'Image Name' to the left of it, which is either blank, or a load of garbled squares and stuff.

  ptrafc 17:38 18 Dec 2005

And it is Windows XP :)

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