cannot retrieve photos from desktop shortcuts

  gerryp25 14:46 16 Aug 2012

Hi, I am having a problem with my photo's in desktop shortcuts. I have a number of folders in desktop for my photo's but when I click on them I am getting a panel where the photo's are located but all that is showing is an icon showing that they have been selected to use Windows Photo Viewer in every photo, the photo's work when I click these icons but I don't know what I am clicking, I used to be able to see small photo's as a guide. Also a recent thing is that when I click the shortcut to view these folders on the left side of screen there is a list of programmes/shortcut which I never used to see. I cannot see any way of viewing the small photo's like I used to be able to. Any help would be most welcome Thanks

  Nontek 15:25 16 Aug 2012

When a folder containing the photos is open you should be able to click on a small icon, which is usually at/near top-right of folder, in order to access a drop-down menu to change the way you view the pictures - you should be able to choose Thumbnails to see the pictures.

  gerryp25 22:46 16 Aug 2012

Hi Nontek thanks for your interest but I can't see the small icon you mention to get to thumbnails

  Nontek 22:53 16 Aug 2012

The icon looks like a small square window with four small window-panes.

I am using Win7, and it is not Thumbnails, but 'Small icons' or Medium or Large icons. Yours might be different if you are using a different OS.

Originally I was thinking XP.

  gerryp25 23:51 16 Aug 2012

Hi again Nontek, I am also using Win7 but my shortcut icon is square but it doesn't have the 4 small window panes. Actually a mate just called in and after a bit of fiddling about has managed to get the win pic viewer icons to change to my photo's again and is set to medium icons. I think I can manage now to do what I want. Many thanks for your help

  Nontek 08:16 17 Aug 2012

All's well that ends well - thanks for your feedback.

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