cannot remove KB951748

  sp432 12:25 03 Oct 2008

KB951748. This MS Update was installed on Saturday 28th Sept. along with SP3. I had automtic updates enabled. Since then I have had problems with connecting to the internet. I have been reading the threads in the Helproom, and it dawned on me that this update caused me trouble once before. In "add/remove" it states "this update cannot be removed" will a system restore get rid of it? regards sp432

  bazza2 12:36 03 Oct 2008

Hi sp432,

You are probably using Zonealarm then.
(It is a well documented problem with this Microsoft update and zonealarm).
If so you will need to, somehow, get the latest version of zonealarm, and install that.
Once this has been done your internet access should spring into life.
The big question is, have you any way of getting the latest zonealarm download (another PC, friend ....)?


  bazza2 12:40 03 Oct 2008

Just thought, you must have some way of accessing t'internet, as you posted this question!!!
It is a Friday - please forgive my stupidity.

  birdface 12:42 03 Oct 2008
  sp432 12:54 03 Oct 2008

Sorry I should have said, I am using my (Vista) laptop to write to you (wireless), the PC with the problem is my tower pc running XP3 and I don't have zonealarm on that, it has McAfee

  bazza2 13:17 03 Oct 2008

Very strange.

When googled this update (as suggested by buteman, above) this issue is almost entirely related to PCs running Zonealarm.
Did you have Zonealarm on there, at some point in time, and have now 'disabled' it? (If so, it may have left some remnants behind).
If Zonealarm has never been anywhere near that PC in the past, I'm afraid I'm at a loss.
Maybe one of the more PC savvy readers may be able to provide some assistance.

I hope you get it sorted soon

  sp432 13:23 03 Oct 2008

Thanks anyway, no I never had zonealarm on the XP, because I have it on the Laptop (Vista) already. Wondered if a system restore would cure this.
regrds sp432

  birdface 13:26 03 Oct 2008

Try the system restore that will probably get rid of it.Maybe you are better switching off automatic updates.I always update mine manually.

  Batch 14:13 03 Oct 2008

You say that you've had problems connecting to the Internet. Have you not been able to connect at all, or have you been able to connect with problems (e.g. intermittent connection)? If it is the latter, I would think that it is almost certainly not caused by KB951748 and you should look elsewhere.

Even if you can't access the Internet at all, if you don't have ZA installed, I'm still doubtful that KB951748 has anything to do with it.

  realist 14:13 03 Oct 2008

You could maybe try this.
click here
I don't know if it works with windows updates.

  realist 14:16 03 Oct 2008

Do you have Avast installed by any chance?
This has recently caused connection woes on my pc which were only resolved when I deleted it.

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