Cannot remove hao123 browser hijacker

  Firasdal 08:26 12 May 2017

Hello, I don't know exactly how i got the hao123 browser hijacker, and i tested most the solution i found on the internet and none have worked. ADWcleaner detect the malware, but just remove the firefox shortcuts, and shortly after the malware reappears. Is there a way to remove this malware? There is nothing resembling to the malware in control pannel uninstall.


  Govan1x 09:39 12 May 2017

Have you tried resetting firefox.

  Firasdal 12:16 12 May 2017

Hey Govanix, Yes i have tried resetting firefox nothing changed.

  Govan1x 12:36 12 May 2017

Have you tried running it with add ons turned off.

Usually Malwarebytes would remove it or hitman pro which is free to try.

Have you downloaded any programs on to your computer lately as sometimes they come bundled with crapware.

or maybe a simple system restore to a time when you never had the problem might do the trick.

  Firasdal 12:44 12 May 2017

I am gonna try hitman pro, thanks. yeah i tried to download FIFA 16, and then i got it. And that was a month ago i cannot do a system restore to back then.


  MJS WARLORD 18:13 12 May 2017

if you use antimalwarebytes you may not be aware that each item of spyware ect can be made up of several segments and if it finds anything you must do repeated scans because you cant always get rid of all segments in 1 scan .

check your browser for unwanted add ins and also look in add/remove for stuff you dont recognise. ccleaner is also good for getting rid of registry segments of spyware etc...

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