Cannot remove About Blank from Homepage, HELP

  Peter-201580 11:56 23 Apr 2004

My homepage has been hi-jacked by About Blank/Search for. I have tried Killbox, Spybot, Adaware, CWshredder & advice from various sources such as GreyMagic & all to no avail. It is still there. My pc is now annoyingly slow. Can anyone help?

  SketcH 12:02 23 Apr 2004

I think I may have helped someone with this just last night. Check Add/Remove programs for an entry that possibly contains the words 'ad service'.

She had a couple of others, but I reckon it shouldn't be too hard to find the culprit from the list of programs that you know YOU installed.

Then reset the homepage in IE/Tools.

Then run Ad Aware with the latest definitions.

Beware though. Some of this crap when it uninstalls, trys to take you to another location in order to inadvertantly install more nuisance material than you had had previously. Which isn't fun.

Random porn toolbars are notoriously bad for this.

  Clint2 12:02 23 Apr 2004
  katkins 14:09 23 Apr 2004

Having experienced this same problem months ago, I installed a little free software programme called 'Start Page Guard' obtainable from C/net Downloads or any reputable download site. Otherwise, access webpage(click here). It sure worked.

  katkins 14:19 23 Apr 2004

Replying to tyrianplum.

It seems my link for 'Start Page Guard' has thrown up 'Mail Guard' instead of 'Start Page Guard', albeit both are created by the same company. Probably best to surf an independent download site. Incidently, there are other similar software downloads available which do the same job. Hope this is of some help.

  AL D. 14:31 23 Apr 2004

your required link for SPG click here

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