cannot remember my hotmail address

  end 18:17 08 Jan 2005

as I recall , I have created a hotmail address some while ago, but cannot find any method of finding out what that address IS ( I have not used it for some time!) by going to a site and entering my detais to have the address sent to my alternative address.

IS there any site where I can enter my details to have my address reconfirmed to me?

have just spent the past two hours going round in circles with this; the details I entered to try and set up a"new" address tell me that I may already HAVE a "valid address WITH hotmail, as the "obvious" for me , address I chose, is already in use apparently;;

?how can I clarify and find out what my address with hotmail IS please ; tas

  Camyaj 19:48 08 Jan 2005

Hotmail will close your account if you have not signed in for more than 90 days. Also they do not allow additional names to the same address. Thats all I could glean from there Help section. While you are waiting for a solution from other members Ill' try and get a response from hotmail by email as to your prob

  end 19:59 08 Jan 2005

they are saying that the address I have chosen is in use by another person, and the name I have chosen rather surprises me as being with someone; maybe have to check with some of my family; although the name is not the usual way of spelling it:)

  octal 20:03 08 Jan 2005

Hi end, hope you're keeping well? It's valvegrid, as you see had a change of name.

I have had a Hotmail account for years which I used then ditched it because of the amount of spam it was receiving. I decided to re-activate after a break of about 2 years. I my case it was trying to remember the original password after two years! So I know it can be reactivated.

  mattyc_92 20:05 08 Jan 2005

To start off with, you have to use your account at least one every 30 days to keep it "active", not 90...

Even when your account has been "disabled", the name is still reserved for you for a while longer, just incase you still want the account!!!! This may explain the message you are getting...

Also, alot of people "make strange" account names so that it is less likely that some-one else is using it, so I would just forget about the old account and create a new one and let all my friends and family know that I have changed it!!!

  JIM 20:07 08 Jan 2005

Is it possible that you sent a email to friend or someone whom may then let you know the information.
As long as you have the password.

  end 20:09 08 Jan 2005

good news. BUT; HOW do I find out what it WAS? THAT is my problem now:)

every which way I go on this I am going round in circles and it is driving me NUTS

(and how long have u been octal?)?PM me?

  end 20:13 08 Jan 2005

all I can recall so far is that I remember having a hotmail address, but what it was/ is I cannot rmemebr; and I need to try and find out what it was, but ?how?

am trying to sort it for my MSN thingi just put on Tower
?can it be reactivated or found somehow or ??what are my options?

I have been to the MSN site and driven round in circles coming back to the same form each time::((

  lotvic 23:21 08 Jan 2005

(I'd be inclined to create a brand new 'silly' hotmail account to do this from)
maybe you could send a polite email to the address that you think is yours and see if it is actually in use or if it gets returned as undeliverable.

or if you know what your password is/was then try to log in on hotmail site.

  lotvic 23:25 08 Jan 2005

..... or maybe that's what you've already tried, if so, sorry.

  end 23:37 08 Jan 2005

part of the problem is that I"ll be dammed if I can find any way on any of the pages i have found, that enable me to put my personal details in to request a resend to my other adress the detail of my hotmail address and password; I have been "at this" for most of the afternoon and evening and am running out of patience and ....::(((

WHY can I not put my details in SOMEWHERE and get my hotmail address sent to me?

or is that just "too bloody easy":(to coin a phrase folks)

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