Cannot register on Driver Detective

  User-D741F308-D674-4279-90B19F89F559298B 17:55 13 Aug 2008

Have downloaded the software ok - ran a scan tells me there are TWENTY (oops) drivers out of date , but when I go to update them it tells me I have to register. No problem click on the register icon and I get Windows cannot find the file ?? Has anyone else got this ?

any ideas please as my ATI Radeon graphics card is kaput !!

Thks in advance

  GaT7 18:05 13 Aug 2008

Btw, not worth the £15 to register.

Instead use something like click here, tell us what needs updating after the scan & I'll help you find the relevant/important ones for free.

If you PC is functioning OK, & it doesn't really need any updates, I recommend not to update at all. G

  GaT7 18:07 13 Aug 2008

Oops, didn't notice the duplicate post here click here.

If it's only graphics card drivers you're after, visit ATi as someone mentioned in the other thread. G

Sorry about the duplicate post - the first one had a spelling mistake in the title (duh !)

Yep went to ATI and the download appears to have fixed the problem (vertical lines suddenly started appearing all over the screen) so many thanks for that - I guess I was just alarmed that Driver Detective told me out of the 38 drivers I appear to have , 20 are out of date !

Cheers Crossbow very helpful - I'll run the scan and see what it comes up with

If only !!! Arrghh logged onto PC this morning and the problem has returned with a vengeance !!

The problem being loads of vertical flashing lines down the screen. Logging on and off it varies how bad the problem is. Sometimes the screen is readable , like now, others its completed unreadable.

I am fully virused up, have the latest ATI driver, so can Graphic cards themselves actually go bang ?

Or any other ideas please as I'm gutted that I thought the problem was fixed !


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