cannot record on dvd+rw with Record Now software

  Carnane 20:46 27 Mar 2005

I have a hp pavilion home pc with hp dvd & cd writerand using Record Now software. Tried to record from hard disk but after a short period copying it stops and asks for new disk. It worked alright when I got the pc about 9 months ago. Any helps please?

  THE TERMINATOR 01:45 28 Mar 2005

If you are burning a DVD from VOB files, then is the original file on your hard drive greater than 4.7 gig? As this is the maximum of video you will get on a DVD disk. If it is then you will need to recode it.

  ACOLYTE 01:52 28 Mar 2005

Never used Record now software but i have copied VOB files to DVD and some have been over 4gig some around the 6gig mark have copyied ok on to a 4gig DVD the software should be able to compensate for the size and may have the ability to cut out all the other parts and just leave the film saving a gig in some cases.

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