Cannot recognize Hard Drive.

  prince midas 10:16 14 May 2007

This is a problem I have had previous but will not go away. I removed a Hard drive caddie suspecting a problem with the caddie but try as I can after I fixed the hard drive directly in a bay,the hard drive is not recognized using system manage or the Bios find hard drive.It just does not see it.
Previuosly when it did see the hard drive I tried to format the drive but when it got to about 98% it just hung.
Norton partition magic cannot see it either.If you have any ideas please let me know.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:21 14 May 2007

Could be a cable problem; can you try a different cable?

Could also be that the drive itself has failed.

Does it show up in disk management?

right click my computer

choose manage

disk management

  prince midas 10:42 14 May 2007

It cannot see it in diskmanagement.
Bious cannot see it as a slave.

It could be a cable but I will have to get one from somewhere.

I cannot format it as I cannot see it & my son tells me that my machine is IDE & his Sata & he cannot format it for me,is this correct.Would formatting it help me to see it?

  Diodorus Siculus 10:50 14 May 2007

If it doesn't show up in BIOS / disk management, then you will not be able to format it.

Try putting it in the pc in the place of the current disk; see does windows recognise its presence.

Your son is correct - if he has no ide connection, then he can't connect it to his PC.

  FreeCell 10:53 14 May 2007

Yes if not formatted then certain Windows functions won't see the hrad drive. Your BIOS may be the same. What make is the hard drive? Ther is likely to be software from the makers that you can use to set up the drive. Check their support offerings on their website.

  prince midas 16:42 14 May 2007

I found an entry on the internet which may solve my problem.
It tells me that the message Harddisk Failure please insert system disk is a common error?

That I must make my 2nd drive inactive & I also get the impression that the drive should not be NTFS as my first drive but Fat32.

If this is correct is this what I should do?

Insert my new hard disk 2.
Format it.
Set it to Fat32 .
Do I make it a Primary disk as I just want disk2 with no partions,or do I make it a logical Disk.Make sure it is set to inactive.
Is this correct?

  FreeCell 17:03 14 May 2007

If you are installing the second drive on the same cable as your original then make sure that the jumpers on the back are set to Slave, The original should be set to Master.

click here
Further information on formats file structures and partitions. CAn't see any re4ason why you can't set new disk to NTFS.

  Pineman100 17:04 14 May 2007

At the simple end of the thinking process, have you checked to see whether there are any bent pins in the data cable socket? This happened to me once.

  Ptolemy 17:11 14 May 2007

"It just does not see it.
Previously when it did see the hard drive I tried to format the drive but when it got to about 98% it just hung."

I had exactly the same problem last week with Seagate drive (except it would get to 98% then do nothing for ten minutes before reporting an error).

The problem was that I was setting it for "slave" by following the diagram given on the drive (no jumper needed) when I actually should have just copied the setting of my existing slave drive (second position from the left). Set the jumper properly and drive detected and formatted with any problem.

  prince midas 18:00 14 May 2007

No bent pins.

The original disk 1 is my master boot disk which is fine.

Where do I look on the new Disk 2 which is only for data, to find the settings slave as I cannot find it.

Finally what do you mean by copying the settings of existing slave drive 2nd position on left.Please explain further.

  skidzy 18:07 14 May 2007

On the drive itself beside the power connector,check the jumpers are correct for slave setting.
Should be a little cap that needs moving to set the drive to slave.
Maybe a diagram on the drive itself.

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