cannot receive tiscali emails in Windows Live Mail

  dangerusone 21:47 12 Aug 2012

I am trying to set a netbook up to receive emails in Windows Live Mail, I have no trouble with my Hotmail & Gmail but for some reason I can send but not receive from my Tiscali account. When I add a new email address it says that Live Mail is compatible with Hotmail,Gmail and many others. On my desktop PC I use Office Outlook for my emails with no problems

  northumbria61 08:06 13 Aug 2012

I am not with Tiscali but check your settings for Incoming Mail - ie: Incoming Mail Server (Pop3) should be (port 110)

  northumbria61 08:09 13 Aug 2012

OR it is possibly

  dangerusone 12:01 13 Aug 2012

I have downloaded Thunderbird and from what I have seen so far it looks OK. I have put my Hotmail and Tiscali addresses on and they seem fine. I tried setting the POP3 & smtp to no avail in Live mail,so gave it up as a bad job.

  northumbria61 12:44 13 Aug 2012

There are settings here if you want to check with yours - enter link description here

  shellship 17:09 13 Aug 2012

Funnily enough a friend of mine had similar problems recently with Tiscali/TalkTalk using Windows Mail on his Vista machine. We eventually downloaded Live Mail (suggested by Microsoft) and all his problems disappeared.

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