Cannot read own CDs

  Gibcol 16:49 07 Apr 2003

I have just taken delivery of a new machine running Windows XP with a Sony DVD & CD +/- writer. My old machine has a Sony CRZ120E CD writer. The new machine whilst able to find folders on a CD created by drag and drop can not read what is in the folders. If I drop individual files on a CD then the new macine can find them and I can copy them onto my new HDD.
As I have one folder alone that contains 72 sub-folders and over 1500 files I don't want to transfer them individually one at a time.
Can anyone suggest a fix?
Presumably it is something to do with NTFS and Fat32 file systems, but hopefully there is a solution out there?

  flecc 19:48 07 Apr 2003

No, it's the fact that they've been created with the UDF format which XP's system doesn't use, it uses the more normal ISO 9660 standard.

You need a UDF reader installed on it. You can download Adaptec/Roxio's UDF reader from the following websites:

click here

click here

click here

Or you can get the Nero UDF reader here:

click here

  flecc 19:52 07 Apr 2003

UDF is the format used for Drag and Drop.

XP's system isn't a true Drag and Drop, it copies via a folder and is therefore the more usual way of copying, just as if a writing program had been used.

  Gibcol 11:38 11 Apr 2003

Thanks Flecc - I downloaded the UDF reader from Adaptec and have now transferred all my stuff off the Cd onto the new machine. Except one file which is a copy of my old Favourites files and every time I try to mocve that the computer crashes. But no matter I can soon re-compile that.
many thanks,

  Filch 14:06 11 Apr 2003

flecc, once the UDF reader is downloaded, where does one put it? or does that take care of itself?

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