Cannot read DVD data.

  Snakey 19:01 02 Dec 2004

I have a Pioneer DVD R/RW running Easy CD Creator 5.0 Basic Edition (with all updates). The Data copies okay and can be read in the Pioneer but when I try to read it in a normal DVD Player I get a message saying Windows cannot read from this disk.
Do I need to change the format ?

  PA28 19:14 02 Dec 2004

This is confusing me. When you use it in a normal DVD player Windows cannot read from this disk? What do you mean by a normal DVD player - a DVD ROM mounted in another computer, or a standalone (in which case, where does Windows come into it?). Can you let us know what sort of files you are writing and in what format they are being written?

If the data can be read back from the drive that has written it, then test it in a third drive. If this refuses to read then it's probably the writer at fault. If it reads OK, then go for the first DVD player, if you follow my drift. If you're talking video files, then post back as life gets more complicated.

  Snakey 19:35 02 Dec 2004

This is just general Data from My Documents (Office stuff etc). The normal DVD is my DVD ROM Drive also in my PC. I have tried it in another DVD ROM but I still cannot read the Data.

  TomJerry 20:13 02 Dec 2004

this is one possibility

  Snakey 20:16 02 Dec 2004

How do i do this with Easy CD Creator. It says it has finished.

  Ive 21:39 02 Dec 2004

If it is a RW disk then it is possible that only a RW drive can read it.

  TomJerry 21:58 02 Dec 2004

they are not the same the thing

  PA28 08:50 03 Dec 2004

Regarding the point made by TomJerry, there will be an option when you are writing that the disk should be finalised on completion (no further writing possible until you format the disk and start again in the case of a RW). How does it fare with a DVD-R, can this be read in another machine?

Now I take it that your EasyCD software recognises your writer? One thing you could try is to slow down the write speed, though by all accounts the data is being written correctly as it can be read back by the writer, so this'll probably not make a difference. If you have tried to access the data on a second drive, without success, have you tried - as I suggested - a third drive? My thinking is that could the laser be slightly out of alignment, so that this "self corrects" when reading back on the drive that wrote the data, but another drive is not so tolerant. I admit to not being expert in this field, I am using simple logic - hence my sugestion of checking on a third drive (you'll need a stack of 'em by the time I've finished!) as it could be the second drive (not the writer) that is defective. Follow me so far?

Check that the drives you are trying to read on are multi format or compatible with the disks that you are writing (ie a DVD+R or +RW won't be read in a drive that's only DVD-R compatible), try another type of disk (brand and R, instead of RW)and, possibly, change your software. Personally I never got on with ECD and I now use Nero 6. Nero has never gicven me a problem, though if ECD has been updated and recognises your drive, there shouldn't be a problem.

End of long winded ramble.... let us know how you get on.

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