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Cannot power on latop after trying to update

  Hetti 15:51 11 Jul 2015

Laptop running visa, kept as a spare tried to update,the PC made an audible click sound and screen flashed off, now PC does not power up, no power light, no sound from it. Laptop is probably past it now but would love to know what happen here if possible.

  chub_tor 17:23 11 Jul 2015

If there is no power light on then either the battery is flat and needs charging, or the power brick that charges the battery is faulty. Try connecting the power pack without the battery in the laptop and see if the power light comes on.

  Hetti 10:43 12 Jul 2015

Will try the suggestions thanks

  wee eddie 13:28 12 Jul 2015

Is there any chance that it might have become damp in its storage place?

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