cannot plug speakers into tower

  Tracywt2 20:23 15 Jun 2010

dear all. This is really bizarre but true. I unplugged everything from my tower last Friday to send it in for repair, and when I've tried to plug everything back in, there is no place for the speaker plug. It is one of those small female circular long thin things, pink coloured 'cos it's packard bell (obviously I'm not very technical!!) but there's no place for it to go!! The only thing replaced in my tower was the main power supply (which has a fan attached) but surely this couldn't be the problem as it looked to be just an internal thing. there is no other place for the speakers to fit ie the monitor, and there wasn't a separate power supply and they definitely were working before I unplugged everything. Please can you help?

  MAT ALAN 20:27 15 Jun 2010

did you have a stand alone sound card that they may have taken out and forgot to put back in.
You might want to ask the person who repaired your tower for you...

  Tracywt2 20:35 15 Jun 2010

no, it plugged into tower before, I'm sure. Can't really ask repair man as we've had fall out due to him wiping out all my docs, programs and emails and not saving them as he said he would before he did a system restore that I wasn't wanting either. Only asked him to see if he could speed things up abit!!

  Kevscar1 21:22 15 Jun 2010

How sure are you because pink is microphone. Green Yellow and black connectors are speakers.

  Tracywt2 21:42 15 Jun 2010

sorry, checked colour and it's like a lilac purple colour

  hastelloy 02:24 16 Jun 2010

I think MAT ALAN has the answer. If you really can't ask the repairer, you may need another repairer to fix it for you. Regardless of the colour of the speaker plug, it should go into the green socket.

  gengiscant 06:59 16 Jun 2010

Can you not post a picture of the rear of your pc?

  peugeot man 07:06 16 Jun 2010

From your description I would be fairly certain that the sound card is missing.

Sockets to appear to be part of the tower, usually they are not.

  robin_x 08:22 16 Jun 2010

Round the back, next to the green connector.
A torch comes in handy.

Don't bump your head ;-)

  robin_x 08:29 16 Jun 2010

Make a system image before sending a PC for repair.
With a boot CD. See EASEUS Todo Backup.
An external USB drive (eg 500GB) will be fine.

Or make an extra partition on your c drive.
See 'Partition Wizard' or Google the above.

  bigpeta 09:34 16 Jun 2010

some towers have the audio connectors repeated behind a flap at the front of the m/c
looks messy but will get you going menatime

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