Cannot play games on my computer

  william16 23:20 16 Jan 2007


My computer has

AMD Athlon processor XP1800
GE Force 4 MX440 video card
Memory 256MB
XP Home edition

I recently bought a game which froze everytime we loaded it and another that logged us out as soon as we started to play. We are also finding that for games already installed, the response is very slow. Someone suggested that the graphics card may need replacement.

I would appreciate some advice re this. If it needs replacing what is the most econmic way to do this?

Many thanks for your help.

Best regards


  jorel 23:28 16 Jan 2007

I notice your spec lists 256MB memory. Is that the Graphics card or computer memory? If it is computer memory my first port of call would be to upgrade your memory to at least 1Gig for gaming. As for Graphics cards, check out, they ofgen have some good bargains.

  [email protected] 23:32 16 Jan 2007

you need to at least double your ram click here

graphics may cope on low settings

  Belatucadrus 23:39 16 Jan 2007

List the games that are causing problems so that the gamers here can advise on necessary spec to run them properly.

  Gigs 00:46 17 Jan 2007

I have virtually the same spec processor, ie Athlon 1900xp but I have 1MB of RAM and a Radeon X800 graphics card and I have no problems with any of the games I play
I would suggest upping your RAM and investing in a better graphics card. I originally had an MX440 and they are very outdated now.
You can pick up some pretty decent cards now for £50 or £60.
Hope this helps

  Gigs 00:48 17 Jan 2007

I should add that those prices are for second hand cards.

  Totally-braindead 16:42 17 Jan 2007

Your amount of memory is low but the main problem will probably be your graphics card. I have had a lot of games I have bought recently that state clearly on the box that the MX version of the cards is not supported.
If you mention what the game is I'm sure someone will confirm that for you.
I think its likely you will have to do both, add more memory and get a better graphics card.

  william16 22:30 17 Jan 2007

Thank you all for the advise. Most appreciated.

Responding to Belatucadrus and Tottaly-braindead

the games that did not run are from the Sims series. The first one was a Sims 2 extension pack-Sims 2 Pets- and the second was a triple pack of Sims 1-Sims World, I believe.

Thanks & regards


  [email protected] 22:41 17 Jan 2007

click here
well your just on the min req, it doesnt say mx grx compatible, so you may need a new grx vard but for min system on these games its usually absolute min! you really want a gb ram

  Woolwell 22:48 17 Jan 2007

I had a very similar system until recently but with 512Mb RAM which is really the minimum for games. I also had the MX440 and that is definitely a major limitation.
My solution was more drastic than you may want to hear - a new PC.

  [email protected] 22:59 17 Jan 2007

do anything drastic have a click on crucial link in my previous post, see what ram you can get and have a look an reasonable graphics card that will fit your current set up

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