cannot play CD's on CD Player

  goldenorbs 19:22 12 Aug 2005

I have just downloaded "Ashampoo CD Recording Suite" from the free CD which came with this month's PC ADVISOR. It states in the description
of this programme that it is possible to burn music to CD's and be able to play them on a
CD Player. I have burnt some music to a CD but it will not play on my CD player but will play on my DVD Player, anyone any ideas why and what can I do to get the CD to play on my CD Player.


  wobblymike 19:24 12 Aug 2005

Is the DVD player you refer to a stand alone device or a DVD reader in your PC?

  goldenorbs 07:40 13 Aug 2005

reply to wobblymike;--
it is a stand alone DVD


  wobblymike 09:07 13 Aug 2005

OK I make the assumption that your CD player is the same i.e. standalone therefore your disc must be finalised if it plays in your DVD - my guess would be that your music format is the problem. What format did you burn your music in?

  goldenorbs 13:48 13 Aug 2005

I used "Ashampoo CD recording suite 2004" which came on a free disc with this months PC Advisor
and on the programme it says "Create an audio CD"
and on the next line it says "Can be played on normal CD players". That is all I can tell you as I am not particularly clued up on these type of things. I do not understand what you mean by what format did I use to record the disc.


  wobblymike 18:00 13 Aug 2005

ok - your music will be in one of a number of formats it might be CDA ( which is the format you buy CDs in the shops) it might be MP3 or it might be WMA. If you put your disc into your cd player on your PC, go into explorer and double click the drive icon, tour tracks will show in the right hand pane, go up to view on the task bar select details and it should tell you what format your tracks are in i.e. it will read "name of title.mp3 or .wma or whatever. If you have made mp3 files e.g. they might not play on a standalone player - hope this helps.

  citadel 19:23 13 Aug 2005

some cd players do not play cdrw discs.

  goldenorbs 07:24 14 Aug 2005

Thanks for your help I checkedout the format that my musicwas recorded in and found it was MP3
so I assume this is the reason it won't play on my CD player.

thanks again for your advice.


  737flf 16:19 08 Nov 2005

Any one know how to convert mp3's into *.cda format?

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