cannot play cds in any players

  User-2F8B7A50-860F-4E4A-9D25A34A37589C49 10:41 04 Feb 2004

hi could anyone help brother as a problem he cant play cds in is media players he thinks hes deleted some files.but it will allow him to play mp3s?he is running windows 98 second to recap when he puts a cd into the drive to play ,there is nothing happening?very strange..hope someone can help;cheers gazza

  Lozzy 10:48 04 Feb 2004

When he put a software CD in the rom does it work??

If not download from the cd mfg the firmware for the cd rom..

  Hyperangelic 12:32 04 Feb 2004

Does anything happen if he clicks on the CD in My Computer? In other words, is the problem that Autoplay is not working or the CD drive is not working?

He should be able to enable Autoplay by right-clicking on the CD drive icon in My Computer, selecting Properties / Autoplay and selecting to play the CDs when inserted.

If the CD drive is not reading the CDs or not powering up then check the drive. Does it work with any other CDs or different types of CDs etc.

  ventanas 12:40 04 Feb 2004

Agree with Hyperangelic, if the pc tries to do anything while you are loading firmware forget it.

Check what's already been suggested. Does the light come on when a disc is inserted, and does the disc start to spin. It may be just a simple loss of association. or the sound cable has come loose.

Has he tried loading a cd and trying to open a file from within media player? Also are data cd's recognised and can they be explored?

If none of these work there's a good chance the drive is dead.

  Stuartli 13:06 04 Feb 2004

There is absolutely no reason why you should need firmware updates or, indeed, anything other than the standard Windows CDROM driver for a CD-ROM drive, which also applies for a DVD-ROM or rewriter drive.

Have you checked that the audio cable is inserted correctly (at both ends) and is not damaged; does Device Manager indicate any problems and have you checked the sound card's Mixer panel, Windows Media Player and similar programs that have the facility to mute sound if and when required?

If none of this solves the problem it's likely that the laser has given up the ghost, especially if if it's the case that data CD-ROMs cannot be read.

CD-ROMS and, even better, a DVD-ROM drive, are so cheap these days that it's probably best to replace the drive if efforts to cure its ills don't work.

yeah he downloaded winamp 3 and it seems to be perfectly alright ..thanks for your input cheers

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