Cannot paste in MS Works

  hawthorn59 17:22 11 Sep 2009


Im back again with a recurring problem...Occasionally when I try to copy a document or page of text etc from the web, I have difficulty pasting it into a blank MS Works document. Generally its song lyrics Im getting, but today I tried to copy and paste an invoice for something I bought online.

Works simply stops working and closes down. The only way to get the particular text in is to paste it to Wordpad, then copy and paste from there.

Whats puzzling me is what the problem is?? It also occured on my previous laptop so it must be a Works problem. Has anyone else come across this?


  VoG II 17:40 11 Sep 2009

Try Edit > Paste Special > Unformatted Text.

  BT 17:45 11 Sep 2009

It all works for me
Just copied and pasted your post and an email into a Works document, no problems.

  mooly 18:21 11 Sep 2009

Is it an old version of Works such as 8 which isn't fully compatable with Vista. Works 8 can (still I think) be upgraded to 8.5 which is OK with Vista.
Just a thought

  hawthorn59 00:08 12 Sep 2009

No its Works 9.0 And it works for me the vast majority of the time, just occasionally I get the same error. I can get around it, but it seems odd!

Thanks anyway


  mooly 06:53 12 Sep 2009

Maybe something to do with the formatting ? of whatever you are trying to paste... no idea just guessing. If it's done it on another laptop running Works then maybe it's a glitch.
I discovered one with the spreadsheet on W8.5 and adding two columns of currency. Certain numbers add to give answer plus .000000000001 which stops "if this equals that" from working.
Why not ask here,
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  Sea Urchin 11:28 12 Sep 2009

Have you tried the suggestion from VoG™? This has been suggested to you more than once on your previous threads on this same subject - but you never report whether you've tried it.

  hawthorn59 01:34 14 Sep 2009

The reason I havent tried it is that Ive got to find a piece of text that causes the problem first, and by the time it occurs again I forget!

I actually cant remember what caused the problem the other day! However, as youve pointed it out to me, I will try at random a few pieces and hopefully one of them will go wrong. Then I'll report back.


  hawthorn59 02:33 15 Sep 2009

Hi Folks

OK, so i kept going till I found an article that caused the problem again, and tried "Paste Special", which worked!

I still dont understand whats happening, but at least it worked, and thanks for the tip.


  Sea Urchin 11:59 15 Sep 2009

It's a recognised problem with MS Works

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  hawthorn59 14:41 15 Sep 2009

Ah! Didnt know that. Thanks everyone again. Resolved!

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