Cannot open photos

  Valen 00:52 06 Jul 2003

Well I have XP and have downloaded the camera and to my dismay the photos in 3 or 4 files that I put them in I can no longer open. When I first downloaded from the camera everything was fine I could open in their folder as a slide show no problem. As you know they are jpg and were fine, but now I cannot open them it states this file cannot be opened.
Have you any idea how I can open them now. Their is no reason for this as I have not done anything to them is this a failure in XP to shut them off. I really do need to know if you can help at all It would be appreciated.
They would open before but after a few days for some reason they state no prievie or cannot open this file. How do they change overnight by themselves I really am beginning to hate XP

  jazzypop 01:18 06 Jul 2003

Did you actually copy them from the camera to the PC?

If you were originally viewing them while the camera was connected, but are now trying to view them without the camera connected, that would explain the situation you describe.

Most cameras are detected as 'removable drives' by XP. Connect the camera, open Windows Explorer, see if you have an extra drive listed. If so, open it, and you will see each photo listed as a file. They can be copied just like any other file, i.e. right-click the photo (on the camera), select Copy, then navigate to a folder of your choosing (e.g. My Pictures, right-click and Paste into the destination folder.

  Valen 01:54 06 Jul 2003

The camera was downloaded to a file I then altered them to my liking and saved them to picture file. All was well for a few days I could open them up and they were fine but then all of a sudden as if someone had tampered with them I cannot open them. The other folders are still okay. Also the folder they download to has gone the one the camera downloads to which you then check and save to your pics folder. So they should still be their as they were saved and were showing for several days before they disappeared.

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