Cannot open Hotmail

  gudda96 08:06 27 Jul 2006

The last 2 daysI am unable to open HM, had advice re internet option/security etc, even checked a friends setting and all the ticks still no good.

At my request, a friend sent me a G-mail invitation with links but they wont open so convinced IE is playing up, am I thinking right??

Out all day but will respond later to any replies

  silverous 09:06 27 Jul 2006

You mention specifically hotmail but can you access other websites? The fact the G-mail won't open suggests you can't open any website but it could for some reason be just internet web mail pages.

Maybe IE is broken. Have you installed anything lately?

  mattyc_92 13:08 27 Jul 2006

Try "Cleaning" your "Internet Ache", "Cookies", etc...
You can do this manually (in IE select "Tools->Internet Options...") or use something like "CCleaner" click here

Sometimes cleaning your cookies, history, etc... sorts out problems like this

  gudda96 09:02 28 Jul 2006


To clarify further..........

If/when I log in to HM, I get "this page cannot be displayed", in other words, I cannot open it.

I can open other sites and forums, I can use FF ok.

If this helps>>a friend sent me a link and invitaion for G-mail, I did a copy paste but could not open it.
I sent the link back to him and he could open it so link was ok.

I then did a copy paste of link into Firefox and it opened so that to me as a layman suggests IE is knackered.

Trouble is, I am not sure if its more trouble than its worth to try and fix or just get a Yahoo or Gmail.

How easy/hard is it to fix IE, I did download a little prog called IE fix to no avail

  VoG II 09:08 28 Jul 2006
  silverous 09:21 28 Jul 2006

Sounds like it may just be secure sites i.e. ones that have a page which goes to https://

Do you do online banking?

I've put a link below to the lloydstsb login page, don't login but just see if you can get the page up:

click here

If you get the same prob on that page then it is definitely secure site related.

  gudda96 15:37 28 Jul 2006


Yes I do online banking with a different bank and yes I got the page up.

Since last post, I have opened a G-mail a/c which I will use instead of HM. I have put a s/c for GMail but I had to Bookmark first in Firefox as IE would not work.

I must stress, it is mainly when trying HM it wont work, I can surf on IE so its strange.

I put £1000 into your a/c in appreciation (-:

BTW, how do I change my e-mail addie on this forum?

  gudda96 15:55 28 Jul 2006


I tried the first option(scannow) but no good

  silverous 23:53 28 Jul 2006

Gudda96 - to change your email click your login name at the top left of the page and change it there.

How are you getting to HM - just typing click here in? Try click here.

Also, this looks like a good set of things to try:

click here

  gudda96 18:01 29 Jul 2006


I dont know what you did but your link oped HM, I dragged a s/c to D/T and its working, great stuff and thanks.Its also opening in FF but I had tried that myself also. When you say change e-mail, now that I have created a Gmail I have been on all forums to change my addie, including PCA, in fact the webmaster wrote to me.because I NOE want post reply notifications going to Googlemail, how do I change it

  gudda96 18:05 29 Jul 2006


I visited that site, can you explain how I do what he suggests here

C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc, open it in notepad.

How do I open it in notepad

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