Cannot open Excel files on a CD/RW

  jkr 20:34 06 Aug 2004

Suddenly I cannot open Excel files on a certain CD/RW disk. It says in the summary at the side that they are there and gives the amount of KB they are, but comes up with 'Unable to read file'. I realise that this disk could be faulty in some way as I can open other Excel files on another disk. I do not want to lose this information.

  Simsy 22:30 06 Aug 2004

You have said Files, (plural), rather than File.

The files may be corrupt,but if it is several files that seems unlikely.

Is it ONLY Excel files that exhibit this problem? If so I'd venture to suggest that perhaps they were created in an later version of Excel. E.G files created in Excel 2000 wont open in Excel 5... Could that be possible?

Do the files open, from that CDRW, in another machine? If so it suggests it's not a problem with the files on that disc.

Can you open other files on the same disc?

Good luck.



  jkr 11:25 19 Aug 2004

Sorry for delay in replying. Have reinstalled Excel and InCd (Nero Express) but still having trouble. Have not been able to try on another computer.
What is happening now is that the disk comes up with Read Only, (having changed from InCd to UDF).
I can transfer them to desktop and can read them! When I can get to shops I will buy new CD/RW disks in case the disks are faulty.
Other disks are working fine. Complete mystery!!

  Smiler 11:29 19 Aug 2004

CD-RW discs are not very stable and are prone to problems. If you want to save important files it would be better to save them on CD-R discs. Although you cannot overwrite the files once they are on the disc you can write multi session and save new versions on the same disc until the disc is full.

  jkr 12:31 19 Aug 2004

Thanks, Smiler. I will do that in future.

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