Cannot Open Backup

  Hetti 14:34 02 May 2006

This may not be a problem that can be answered here, let me explain I have a family tree programme called Family tree maker 2005, and I now need to move the whole thing to a 2nd PC, so I installed my software programme onto the 2nd PC, then put my backup disk into the drive of the 2nd and stored that in "My Documents" so i now have the software with no info at all in there. I try to open the backup while the Family tree maker is open, but i get a box that says "new family file" choose a name for this file, then it just saves another copy of the file. And on another try I got the message "Family tree maker is already open close one before you open another"
As the makers of the software are in USA Im still wating for a reply from them, so I thought I would see if anyone can help in here.

  Diemmess 15:03 02 May 2006

You are using the original installation CD for the new PC so there shouldn't be any mismatch of licence key numbers, which could occur if sent as a download and then registered.

The backup, are you sure it is a good one, i.e. have you tried it on the first computer?

The backup CD must be the problem now. Are you sure it is an effective backup?

If you are uncertain.... DON'T try and restore it to anything in case you void that as well.

Assuming the program still works on the original PC try another fresh backup of that.

  stylehurst 15:05 02 May 2006

It is a while since I used FTM, but I suspect that when you start you are clicking on NEW instead of OPEN
If you click on OPEN, then locate your backup file (which has a .fbk suffix. That should open your existing file, when this has been achieved then you can save it to the new location with a .ftm suffix.
Hope the above helps it is a few years since I ditched FTW in favour of Roots Magic.

  Hetti 15:16 02 May 2006

Thanks all
stylehurst when I try to locate files there are none with the .fbk suffix, just FTW on bootC and one called FERGUSON Family FTM, is this the problem?

  Diversion 15:19 02 May 2006

What I normally do with programs like this one: click start/click my computer/click C: drive/click programs and copy or burn the whole folder (Family Tree Maker) to a disc, then from the disc copy the whole folder into the programs folder on the other computer. Click replace all files when the pc asks you, it works with most programs that I use. If that doesn't work open the folder and select all items and copy and paste them into the Family Tree Maker folder, sometimes I have to do this in safe mode because some items of the program are being used in normal start-up mode. Hope this helps.

Regards Diversion

  Hetti 15:32 02 May 2006

Thanks Diversion
I will try your suggetion later tonight (if nothing easier is suggested lol)Im not to clever with all this technology :>)
I gotta go out soon so I will wait until this evening to try.
I did ask the makers of the software if there was a support phone line but I think that is in USA also and it wiould obviously cost a small fortune.

  stylehurst 14:50 03 May 2006

It maybe that the back up is the file with the suffix FTM; Family Tree Maker seem to change their suffixes with each new version. Try my open suggestion with the FTM file to see if that works.

  remind 15:00 03 May 2006

It could be the same thing that prevents Outlook Express opening imported files from CD if they're still set to read-only. Right click the folder or files you want to open (on your second PC, not on the backup CD), select Properties, untick "Read-Only" and apply for all folders and subfolders.

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