Cannot open attachments

  tonyx1302 13:05 23 Nov 2003

Can someone help me please? When I receive emails with an attachment the att. doesn't open. All I get is the outline of the picture and a little red x in the top left hand corner. Even if I right click on the cross and select Show picture it doesn't load. I have emptied my temp Internet files and increased the disk space availalbe for temp Int files to 1800approx but still no luck
Thank you

  tonyx1302 14:09 23 Nov 2003

Many thanks pj 123 & World Maker. Have tried your suggestions but they haven't worked. Any other ideas?
Thanks again

  tonyx1302 18:05 23 Nov 2003

Hi pj123 & Peverelli. The problem is with images.Today I received three emails with pictures (Arsenal Football) attachments. The text with the att. opened okay but I cannot open the images.I just get an empty box with a red x in the corner
pj123. I have sent you my email address as suggested.
Thanks you two for your help and interest.

  tonyx1302 18:29 23 Nov 2003

Terminator. I saved the image to 'my docs' then forwarded it to myself and then double clicked on 'attachment' as per your suggestion and guess. Nothing!!
Thanks for your interest. Watch this space. I'll be back!

  tonyx1302 10:41 24 Nov 2003

I just wanted to thank everyone for all their help with the above problem. I have printed all your replies and am working my way through them slowly (as you may have guessed,I am very new to computers).
I have tried most suggestions without success so far but I wonder if World- Maker could tell me how to increase default size. I am using Outlook Express and my system is XP.
Once again,thanks everyone and any further ideas..not too technical..would be gratefully received


  Stuartli 11:04 24 Nov 2003

Further to A_World_Maker's suggestion, have you tried Toos>Internet Options>Advanced?

There is a Show Pictures enable/disable box there as well...:-)

  tonyx1302 11:42 24 Nov 2003

Hi pj123.
Sorry I have replied to email address in error instead via PC Advisor. It worked. Your email and 'picture' attachment opened! You are a star! Please read my reply in your in box.

Thanks again pj and everyone.
from one happy Arsenal Fan who at last can open his attachments

  tonyx1302 20:50 24 Nov 2003

Hi Peverelli and all above that helped with my 'attachment' problem. Sorry for the delay in replying and not posting the solution. pj123 kindly emailed me a small picture which opened! He then emailed me suggesting 1, that the pictures I received were not in the jpg format or 2, My ISP has a set a limit. 2MB (Which it has)
I have since contacted the person who originally sent me the emails + att. and he has sent them again after he had checked the format and size and this time they opened okay!!!!! I can only assume that he sent them incorrectly in the first instance, either to big or not jpg.
pj123 also suggested that as I have two addresses, one with hotmail and one with my ISP provider,that I receive all my large emails or big attachments on my ISP address where there are no restrictions on size and to use my hotmail address for standard emails.
I tried his suggestion and sent myself a very large att. to my ISP address and it worked... brilliant! The man is a genius! Thanks to you all out there, whoever you are, for all your help.It is gratefully received. Problem solved & I can now get a good nights sleep.

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