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Cannot make printer default printer

  ponytail 16:12 09 Feb 2020

My wife seems unable to print from he laptop to her HP printer but can print from her ipad.I am also able to print from my laptop to her printer.When I go into devices and printers on my laptop her printer is listed.It does appear on devices and printers on her laptop but I do not get the option to make it the default printer.Her printer is a HP Deskjet 2540 series all in one printer her OS is Windows 10.My OS is Windows 7.Would it be better to just uninstall it and then reinstall it if so how do I do that.Any advice will be appreciated

  lotvic 22:59 09 Feb 2020

  • Settings
    • Devices

    • Printers & scanners

    • untick 'let windows manage my default printer'

    • click on the printer's name

    • click on 'manage'

    • make sure the correct printer is selected in the box, and click on 'set as default'

  ponytail 10:52 10 Feb 2020

I have my wifes laptop next to mine and it is now in the Devices and Printers section and there are two printers listed mine and my wifes and I cannot see let windows manage my default printer.What do I click on to find that.Thanks

  x13 11:03 10 Feb 2020

Does it not show here;

  ponytail 11:06 10 Feb 2020

I have just found the following instructions on Google Click on start then settings then devices then printer&scanners select printer then click on manage then select set as default.When I select the printer there is a message saying Driver is unavailable and cannot see set as default.But further down there is a section which says let windows manage my default printer which is what you mentioned and that is not ticked.

  ponytail 11:29 10 Feb 2020

Allow windows to manage my default printer is there but not ticked do I tick it.

  x13 11:38 10 Feb 2020

Leave it unticked. The error is that the driver is unavailable. Open device manager and expand Printers. Right click it and select 'update driver'. Most probably it has an error icon showing.

  ponytail 12:17 10 Feb 2020

I am now in Device Manager on my wifes laptop and cannot see anything about printers listed.The only thing which mentions printers are WSD Print Provider and do not think that is what I am looking for.

  x13 12:32 10 Feb 2020

Expand WSD Print Provider. Does it show your printer? You should be able to update or reinstall the driver from there. Here's how it shows in my setup;

Before you try to update/reinstall the driver try rebooting the laptop first just in case it did not load correctly at first boot.

  ponytail 12:50 10 Feb 2020

Yes the printer is listed and am now re-booting the PC

  ponytail 12:53 10 Feb 2020

I went onto the HP Website and downloaded the latest drivers but do not know where to locate them to install them do you know where I would find them.

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