Cannot make a bootdisk Help!!!

  geoff47 21:03 24 Feb 2003

Go to control panel/add remove programs.
Select start up disk...put floppy into start whatever,and a box comes up...
"the file ""on win98seCD-rom cannot be found
Insert win98se CD-ROM in selected drive and click OK"..but nothing happens.
The window in the box Indicates that it will copy files from C:\windows\temp\Q312339..
I altered that to D:\win98cd and pressed enter nothing.
What if anything am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance...Geoff47

  Djohn 21:20 24 Feb 2003

geoff47, not quite sure on this, as it should have started to copy then 50% through, ask you to insert the 98cd to finish the startup disk.

Wait for someone else to answer before you start your format.

I think that you maybe have the files you need, already stored in your Temp. folder, but wait for conformation on this. J.

  The PC Doctor 21:22 24 Feb 2003

Firstly what are you trying to do ?

If you want to boot from a floppy then switch your PC on with a boot floppy in the floppy drive. If your BIOS is set to look at the floppy 1st then the pc will use it to boot from.

If you are trying to FDISK / Format / Re-Install windows then I would suggest a proper boot floppy.

I still use mine click here go to Programs and download my boot floppy - will work no matter which versions of Windows you are installing.

  Belatucadrus 21:22 24 Feb 2003

click here for Ultimate boot disk, rather better than the standard windows item.

  Podsville 21:24 24 Feb 2003

try formatting the floppy first. type format a: /s then try making the boot floppy.

  The PC Doctor 21:24 24 Feb 2003

Djohn gave some VERY sound advice - make sure the boot floppy works and RECOGNISES your Cd Rom before doing anything.

  geoff47 21:24 24 Feb 2003

Well hello Djohn...fancy meeting you know why I want em, dont you?
I have downloaded a bootdisk,had it for some time,will that do for the task in hand?
Just trying to be over cautious?
Thanks Geoff47

  Djohn 21:30 24 Feb 2003

click here geoff47, is going to do his first format, I have given him a guide to do this, as you will see from this link.

What has thrown him, is the fact that he can't make a boot disk as per my instructions, and I'm not sure why myself! Any help will be appreciated, but he is quite happy with the guide I have given, but please check to make sure I have not made a mistake. J.

  Djohn 21:36 24 Feb 2003

geoff47, Hi, please wait for someone to confirm my instructions, they should be correct, and have worked for me many times.

We can always start you direct from the CD, but I would prefere, for now that you did not go into the BIOS to do this. J.

  The PC Doctor 21:44 24 Feb 2003

Djohn you have it basically right however I would add the following.

Use my (or any other boot floppy) and start up your PC with it in.

You will reach the DOS command prompt of A:>

Now trype in the letter of the drive that corrisponds to your CD Rom (With a CD in!) when your system displays D:> (Where D is your Cd Rom) then type in DIR so it should look similar to D:>DIR then press enter.

You should now be looking at a listing of the CD Rom. If that's the case then your boot disk will recognise and use your CD Rom drivers whic is very important. You will be safe to type in A: return to the A:> prompt then format your C Drive a Djon suggests.


I can't stress this enough - If you can't access your Cd ROm you can't install Windows from the CD!

  Djohn 21:49 24 Feb 2003

The PC Doctor, Thank you for your help, and support with this, I would be very upset if geoff47 made a mistake through my fault. Regards. J.

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