Cannot log on to my lap top!

  geek84 14:18 11 Mar 2011

Hi Folks

I have set myself up as the administrator on my kids laptop.

I now want to use their laptop. However, it seems as though I have forgotten the password - I have tried several attempts to log in but without success.

Could anyone tell me how I can reset the password?

Thanks in advance.

  finerty 14:37 11 Mar 2011

your gonna have problems it isn't easy to reset it, unless you wrote it down, possible solution take out the bios battery at the back for about 20 minutes and put it back in, possible problem you may lose all data, and may have ot reset the bios settings.

you could also try click here

  chub_tor 15:07 11 Mar 2011

Here is one of the Google links suggested by finerty click here

  Terry Brown 15:32 11 Mar 2011

Download SIW.exe and save to a thumb drive

Restart your computer in SAFE mode and select Administrator

Run SIW.exe and from the top line, select Software, then Secrets.

It should be listed there, along with a lot of other passwords you did not know existed.

Caution- In this mode, you will have NO security ware running- Disconnect your Modem


  rdave13 15:12 12 Mar 2011

Does the password hint not jog your memory?

  dororof 07:00 14 Mar 2011

Terry Brown,
Good choice,i have SIW on a thumb drive but i do not use SAFE mode when using it,normal mode ok.
Found stuff i had forgotten.

  dororof 07:01 14 Mar 2011

SIW,could be a dangerous tool in the wrong hands.

  wee eddie 10:44 14 Mar 2011

So is a Car Key, but they are useful in their own way.

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