cannot log in to hotmail

  march 16:34 04 Jan 2005

does anyone know if there are problems logging in to hotmail accounts?
also got msn messenger 6.1& that is ok, as does everything else for internet

tried checking on hotmail site & have checked that java scripting is enabled is there anything else I can do or is it a fault on hotmail?

running wins98se & 5.5 explorer
any suggestions please?

  jeffski 17:14 04 Jan 2005

I have the same problem, posted here last night but noone seems to know the answer. If you find out let me know and I'll do the same. Cheers.

  anon1 17:18 04 Jan 2005

if you open messenger and click the help tab you will see a service status button, try clicking it and a webpage will open then you will know if there is a problem or not.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 17:20 04 Jan 2005

Just checked my hotmail account and logged in fine.

  march 17:30 04 Jan 2005

anon1 did as you said it reads

'all systems stable and running'

but still cannot log in

yep, will let you know jeffski if anyone has the answer,

  march 18:46 04 Jan 2005


had a look at your posting from yesterday & we have the same problem with the address in browser showing000000002%d.

had a play around & we have managed to get into our e-mails by using msn messenger,
clicking on 'add a contact',& selecting 'show me my address book' then clicking on 'mail tab'.

doesn't solve the problem for hotmail but we did get to read our e-mails,so you could give it a try & see if it works, (let us know how you get on.)

hopefully someone will come up with a solution to the hotmail problem.

sure someone will put me right on this & it's maybe a long way off the mark, but could the hotmail log in fault be anything to do with regions so some can log in & others can't? (we are in nottingham)

  ACOLYTE 18:58 04 Jan 2005

I just tried mine msn 7 and it logged in ok(Derbyshire here) went to click here

and entered my details and also logged in ok.

  anon1 18:59 04 Jan 2005

try deleting all your internet history and even cookies then try and log in. The 000000002%d. you are seeing is part of the address that hotmail goes to for your inbox. Warning....if you have any web links that "remember you" then dont delete the cookies but certainly clear the tempory internet files.

  march 19:11 04 Jan 2005

anon1 & ACOLYTE
deleted history & cookies & tried the link but no joy still won't work; thanks anyway

  bruno 19:50 04 Jan 2005

Is it possible to create a new account with a different address.I am another one not having trouble logging in.

  ACOLYTE 20:17 04 Jan 2005

Go to the link i posted and click sign up button
you may need to validate your new address if it not hotmail/msn.

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