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cannot install sp2 vista or ms update checker

  theDarkness 11:48 09 Mar 2010

I cannot install the SP2 system update for vista, or even the MS update readiness checker (below)

click here

sp2 tells me the installation has failed each time, and the microsoft readiness checker for vista in the link above stalls three quarters of the way through. I have tried online armor in learning mode, and Internet Explorer security options are set to medium high+protected mode, with privacy in medium. Any ideas on how I can fix the problem? thanks

  theDarkness 14:11 09 Mar 2010

I can download service pack 2 for vista, and the system tells me it has to restart to install it. after the restart it has 3 stages to go through to install it, but it tells me almost immediately on part 1 that the installation has failed and it has to revert all changes.

does anyone know the common cause for SP2 not installing on vista?

  Tonsie 15:09 09 Mar 2010

Hi theDarkness,I presume you already have SP1

  northumbria61 21:42 09 Mar 2010

"the microsoft readiness checker for vista in the link above stalls three quarters of the way through"

It appears to stall at 60% but it may still be running - DON't Cancel

After you download the System Update Readiness Tool, it runs a onetime scan for inconsistencies that might prevent future servicing operations. This scan typically takes less than 15 minutes to run. However, the tool might take significantly longer on some computers. The Windows Update progress bar is not updated during the scan, and progress seems to stop at 60% complete for some time. This behavior is expected. The scan is still running and you should not cancel the update.

click here

  northumbria61 21:48 09 Mar 2010

Hi the Darkness - could this be your problem?

Confirm that the service pack is not already installed and that you are not running a prerelease version of the service pack
You may already have the latest Windows Vista service pack installed and not realize this, especially if you have Automatic Updates turned on. Or you may have a prerelease version of the Windows Vista service pack installed.

To determine whether you have an earlier version installed, follow these steps:

1. Click Start
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, right-click Computer, and then click Properties.
2. If Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is installed, a reference to "Service Pack 1" will be displayed at the bottom of the Windows Edition section.

If Windows Vista SP2 is installed, a reference to "Service Pack 2" will be displayed.

If a prerelease version of Service Pack 2 is installed, the information that is displayed will resemble "Service Pack 2, v.286."

  theDarkness 19:12 12 Mar 2010

thanks for the replies, I have now managed to install SP2, but vista 32 tells me there are still 29 updates (mostly labelled as security) to still update. every time I try installing them, the system tells me that they fail, and when I click on the install 'history', no futher info is given as to why they wont install. I have tried only having the minimum of software running, and even switched my avira/online armor firewall/antivirus programs off, but nothing helps at all. perhaps its a microsoft own problem?

thanks for any help

  theDarkness 20:06 12 Mar 2010

thanks for that, tried it but it does not help, its just the same- for 28 updates (40mb) it takes ages, and ends in a fail for every single one in the final result

  northumbria61 20:59 17 Mar 2010

Try Custom Install then you can choose which one's you want to install. Then try installing one at a time - will take longer but then you will probably find out which one is causing you the problem.

  anniesboy68 18:59 28 Mar 2010

I tried for two days to get the update[vistaSP2]on with no success. Downloaded the file from Microsoft, went into safe mode and away it went!!!!.Hooray.

  northumbria61 22:43 28 Mar 2010

Great news ! Don't forget to "tick" if this is now resolved.

  northumbria61 22:46 28 Mar 2010

Great news ! was a comment meant for "anniesboy68"

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