Cannot install programmes from both DVD Drives

  Actor One 23:06 23 Aug 2008

I have two DVD drives and suddenly I can`t install anything from either, I get a blue screen of death, minidump of memory and shutdown & restart.

Also some discs are full but unreadable in Windows Vista explorer, all it says is drag & drop files into this folder???.

If I do click on an .exe file in discs I can read, the computer crashes.

As a matter of interest I updated some NVidia SATA drivers using Driver Genius yesterday, would this be a possible cause.

I have tried using System Restore but it has no effect. All system diagnostics state that both devices are working correctly. Is there a setting somewhere that`s been altered by something.

Thanks in advance!!.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:09 23 Aug 2008

I updated some NVidia SATA drivers using Driver Genius yesterday, would this be a possible cause.


can you "Roll back"the drivers using device manager?

  Actor One 23:55 23 Aug 2008

No roll back available, Windows has told me the problemn IS the Nvidia SATA Drivers and has told me to update them, however the NVIDIA website says they are up to date.

The problem seems to be a conflict, so how do I get my old drivers back for my DVD Roms?, where would I look?.

  Actor One 01:50 24 Aug 2008

After considerable research I discovered it was the InterDVD application, WinDVD, that was bundled with the Asus Motherboard that was the cause of the problem.
Uninstalled it and would you believe it actually disabled the drivers when doing so (Code 39 error), so I had to do some registry edits.

I now have two icons for each drive, so I`ll have to find out how to get rid of the two I don`t need.

Isn`t it amazing that hardware vendors (ASUS!!!!)supply crap software that can bugger up the machines they are installed in, when will they ever learn???.

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