Cannot install Modem Router

  iscanut 09:47 17 Dec 2006

I am a complete beginner re networks so please help. My system is Athlon 2000, Win XP sp2, loads of memopry and hard disc space. I am trying to install a modem Router on my desktop so I can use my laptop wirelessly eslewhere in the house. I have tried to install a Netgear ADSL router. I have an ethernet card in a pci slot and Windows recognises it saying Device is working properly. The icon in the bottom right hand corner of screen shows " Anetwork cable is unplugged" when I have taken out the network cable. When I plug it in, a green light comes on. I have connected all the router cables including the one to the phone filter ( I am already on ADSL broadband). Prior to running the set up disc I have disabled pop up blocker, aniti virus, anti spam and firewall.The set up starts and then stops, telling me that " No cable or router detected " All the lights on the router are lit up and show no problem. I have had same problem with previous routers, and have exchanged them thinking there was a product problem, but obviously not as the same thing happens in each case. I have disabled the 1394 connection and the Network card I have is a Realtek RTL8139/810x. I have tried this in other PCI slots which I know work but to no avail. Any ideas or help please !!

  iscanut 13:00 17 Dec 2006

As the cable or router cannot be found by the install software, is there perhaps a setting in the BIOS that needs to be changed ?

  dms05 14:06 17 Dec 2006

I'm sure Netgear supply an IP address (form will be that will allow you, with the cable in place, to access the Router and open it's set up page. Look in the manual.

If you can't access the router then either the cable is faulty or the PCI card is (assuming the router is OK). Why not try your laptop with the router? Connect the cable to it's LAN port and try again. It might help to show where the problem is.

  iscanut 14:58 17 Dec 2006

Thanks for response. I have tried 3 different RJ45 cable to no avail. Will try the IP address route to see if I can activate set up and when I get my laptop back ( in office at present ), will try your suggestion.

  rodriguez 15:06 17 Dec 2006

Is this a setup where you've connected the Netgear router to your DSL line and then into the computer with an Ethernet cable? You should get 3 lights come on when you do this - DSL, LAN and power. You might also get the wireless light come on if the wireless is enabled. The DSL light should also be solid and the LAN one should flash a bit. When you get a new router to use with an existing ISP you make sure you do the following:

1. Plug all cables in - router should be plugged into the DSL line and then plugged into the computer with the Ethernet cable, then switch it on.

2. Wait around 20-30 secs (maybe less) for it to connect to the DSL service on your line - you'll know when this has happened because the DSL light will either stop flashing or change colour.

3. You don't need to install any drivers for the router or run a set up program - the computer will just pick it up as a new network. I had a setup disc with my Sky broadband and didn't need it. It just contained anti virus software and changed the IE homepage settings.

4. Go to the link dms05 provided (click here) - if this doesn't work the IP of your router might be different so check the manual. This should then bring up the router's main config page and it will probably ask for a username and password. Usually these are both admin, but again check the manual to see if yours is different.

5. It should then say whether or not you're connected to ADSL - usually you have to put in your ADSL username and password to make it connect to the service (ask your ISP for these). Once it's connected, you should then be able to access the Internet.

  iscanut 17:13 17 Dec 2006

Thanks. Yes as your first sentence.All the lights on the router are correctly lit up but something is not happening correctly as when I run ipconfig, only values returned are zeroes. The direct input of the IP address does not work either. All very odd as and I cannot think of what else to do. Obviously router not being picked up for some reason. The vdu icon in lower right says awaiting configuration or something like that.

  iscanut 10:11 21 Dec 2006

Have tried a new Ethernet card, new cables, different Modem router, but still no joy. Everything on the face of it looks OK but for some reason, the PC does not find/recognise the router. I am at a loss what to do next. Only thing left to do is to set it all up on the laptop and see what happens.

  Ashrich 21:43 21 Dec 2006

It seems it is not getting an IP address from the router , have you set the network card up properly ? Have you got TCP/IP installed , if so look at the settings , is it set to " Obtain an IP address automatically , same setting for DNS servers ?


  iscanut 18:35 22 Dec 2006

Thanks for response. How do I check that TCP/IP is installed ? Network card is OK as far as I can tell.

  Ashrich 18:56 22 Dec 2006

Start / Settings / Control Panel / Network Connections , and right click Local Area Connection , select properties , you should see ....Cleint for Microsoft Windows , File and Printer Sharing , Q.o.S Packet Scheduler , and Internet Protocol (TCP/IP ) IF tcp/ip is there ( it should be ) highlight it and click on properties and make sure that Obtain and IP etc. and Obtain DNS server etc are both " dotted " Ok your way out back to the desk top .


  iscanut 19:36 22 Dec 2006

Have looked here and all correct boxes are ticked and buttons dotted as you advise. You will understand why I am foxed as everything seems to be OK and still router does not work properly. As the previous routers all produced same problem, it has got to be something in my system rather than the hardware !

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