Cannot install extra memory

  Ferantic 23:01 24 Sep 2004

I recently upgraded the Duron processor on my Bostar M7VKB motherboard to the 1.4GHz model. Obviously a big mistake as it is only recognised as running at 1050GHz. This, in itself, is not the big problem as I probably misinterpreted the FSB but the fact that I cannot add any extra memory is. I have only 128Mb of ram installed and the motherboard will not accept any extra ram,it just beeps continually. I have tried changing slots but I get nowhere. Anybody have any ideas, apart from putting a gun to my head,to solve this situation?

  niknax 23:08 24 Sep 2004

click here

try here!! you might get some info!!


  Rogerfredo 09:10 25 Sep 2004

Beeping suggests that the memory you are tryung to fit is incompatible. I had the same thing with my Toshiba laptop, where a supposeably "equivalent" module would not work.
I eventually got the correct one from Kingston ( more expensive but excellent service and quality).

  georgemac 09:22 25 Sep 2004

these are the only memory modules compatible eith your motherboard click here but very expensive - best to see if you can get any on ebay but only buy from a trusted buyer - please note it only seems to support non parity modules

your motherboard does not seem to support the duron 1400 click here

  georgemac 09:37 25 Sep 2004

also check your motherboard manual click here it alos looks like you can only install matched pairs of the ram in the first 2 banks

if you want to check what module you have in there already download & run this click here

I know a trusted seller on ebay selling a pir of crucial 128 mb pc133 modules click here me!

click here and a 256 mb module also

  Ferantic 12:30 25 Sep 2004

Nice try fellas and thanks but I forgot to mention that the other memory stick worked before the cpu upgrade. Perhaps I should reinstall my old Duron and see if that works.

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