cannot install asus update

  audigy 19:30 15 Jun 2006

when i try installing asus update i get the following error message,the programme detected no asus motherboard,which aborts the installation,any ideas what could be the cause???
thank you

  Diodorus Siculus 19:57 15 Jun 2006

1 - what is the update meant to do?

2 - are you sure you have an Asus motherboard?

  User-312386 20:16 15 Jun 2006

I assume you mean a BIOS update?

Can you advise what MOBO you have please and the version number of the BIOS

  Diodorus Siculus 20:19 15 Jun 2006

madboy33©® - I'd assumed a motherboard driver update. Never heard of a BIOS update suggesting the absence of a motherboard...

  audigy 20:21 15 Jun 2006

i have checked with belarc,everest so i do have asus
forgot to mention earlier the first error message that shows up
"unable to create nt driver service for BS_DEF.DLL"
update is meant to for updating bios or any other related updtae from asus via asus update rather than downloaded on to a floppy or cd

  User-312386 20:21 15 Jun 2006

To be honest i assumed a BIOS update as if it was not an asus board then it would come up with that error

  User-312386 20:24 15 Jun 2006

I bet you have an audigy2 sound card?

If you have then you have to re-install the BIOS flasher that you got with the DISC or click here

  ed-0 20:25 15 Jun 2006

Which version of update are you trying to use?

If it's an older one then it might not see a newer motherboard.

They are 4 versions here. click here


  audigy 20:34 15 Jun 2006

the motherboard is asus a8v this is what it says on the cd "cd rev 85.04" i do have a audigy2 sound card but have not installed it yet.

  audigy 22:12 15 Jun 2006

the bios version is 0219

  User-312386 22:37 15 Jun 2006

the latest version is 0219, however, there is a beta version 0221

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